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探索身體的微妙能量,透過運動和舞蹈找到自我表達,都可以在這裡完成所有動作。 The Canggu Studio提供了廣泛的課程,無論您在特定的一天感覺如何,都有適合您的課程。

<< Yoga – The Canggu Studio 08:00-20:00 >>


The Canggu Studio is a place for everybody. It’s not about looking good – although that can be a welcome side effect! – it’s about feeling good. We offer a wide range of classes so people can discover and expand all the different parts of themselves – if you want to train hard and tone that butt, open your heart and work on the subtle energy body, find self expression through movement and dance, learn the technicalities of a martial art, you can do it all in one place. However you feel on a particular day, there will be a class for you.

The Canggu Studio是屬於每個人的地方。跟看起來好不好無關,儘管這可能是一個受歡迎的原因! 因為感覺很好。提供了廣泛的課程,人們可以發現並擴展自己的不同部分,探索身體的微妙能量,透過運動和舞蹈找到自我表達,了解武術的技巧,都可以在這裡完成所有動作。 The Canggu Studio提供了廣泛的課程,無論您在特定的一天感覺如何,都有適合您的課程。



Breathwork is a form of active meditation that activates an emotional release and promotes self healing. Come join Breathwork Healer Sara Silverstein while she guides you through a cosmic deep dive into your body and teaches you how to heal yourself with breath.

呼吸練習是一種主動冥想的形式,可以激活情緒釋放並促進自我康復。 指導您進行深入的身體深處潛水,並教您如何用呼吸來治愈自己。

We live in a world where we desire instant gratification and if you feel that traditional seated meditation hasn’t worked for you in the past – you will leave this Breathwork session feeling lighter, brighter and more connected to your inner power. Use your breath to come home to yourself and make room for the endless possibilities that this universe has to offer you.

我們生活在一個瞬息萬變的世界中,如果覺得過去的傳統坐姿冥想對您沒有用,那麼您在本次呼吸練習中會感到更加輕鬆,明亮,並且與自己的內在力量聯繫緊密。 回到自己家中,讓宇宙為您的呼吸練習提供無盡的可能性騰出空間。



Power Yoga is a strength-focused dynamic Vinyasa practice. An offshoot of Ashtanga Yoga, it has many of the same qualities and benefits, including building internal heat, increasing stamina, strength, and flexibility. With a focus on core and shoulder strength, we will slowly build up towards more advanced poses, arm balances, and inversions.

力量瑜伽是一種注重力量的動態Vinyasa練習。 它是Ashtanga瑜伽的衍生產品,具有許多相同的品質和優點,包括增加內部熱量,增加耐力,力量和柔韌性。 著重於核心和肩膀的力量,我們將逐步建立更高級的姿勢,手臂平衡和倒立。



Grounding – feeling fully connected to and in our body – is essential to fully experience life.

By grounding ourselves, we connect our mind and body and feel the support the earth provides. We sense our emotions and learn to release them in a healthy and effective way. This helps us to feel lighter and to feel more ease throughout the day.

These simple exercises are fun and  suitable for everybody.


通過使自己接地,我們可以連接我們的身心,並感受到地球所提供的支持。 我們感覺到自己的情緒,並學會以健康有效的方式釋放它們。 這可以幫助我們整天感到更輕鬆,更輕鬆。



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