Tjampuhan Spa@Hotel Tjampuhan Ubud

Tjampuhan Spa位於山谷底部,距離自然壯麗的河流僅數米之遙,由幾個半開放式護理亭和一個在神話般的石洞中創建的非凡的冷/熱水按摩浴缸組成,採用了一系列峇里島治療和美容護理來緩解現代生活的壓力。

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About Tjampuhan Spa…

Tjampuhan Spa 位於山谷底部,距離自然壯麗的河流僅數米之遙,致力於水的治療特性。Spa中心由幾個半開放式護理亭和一個在神話般的石洞中創建的非凡的冷/熱水按摩浴缸組成,採用了一系列峇里島治療和美容護理來緩解現代生活的壓力。 這種寧靜的環境通過重新引入大自然母親的基本屬性以及她豐富的草本和花卉精華來喚起內心的平靜和整體健康。

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Half Day Spa

Available for : In-House Guest / Outside Guest

Spa中心坐落在鬱鬱蔥蔥的河谷環境中,擁有一個以傳統石雕裝飾的獨特石窟。 設施包括冷熱漩渦浴缸、桑拿浴室和蒸汽浴室。

Spa Beauty Package


Tjampuhan Dewi Package – 90 minutes

Balinese Massage – Facial

Tjampuhan Bidadari Package – 120 minutes

Full Body Massage – Body Polish – Facial – Herbal Bath

Tjampuhan Ratu Package – 150 minutes

Balinese Massage – Body Scrub – Facial – Yoghurt Rub – Flower Bath

Tjampuhan Adventure

在享受Spa中心的設施之前,客人被邀請參加一個充滿活力的半日徒步旅行,穿越寧靜的河畔風景和傳統村莊。 步行開始於Payogan 村,穿過山谷到達Tjampuhan 的 Pura Gunung Lebah 聖殿。

Spa Harmony Package


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Spa Treatments…

Traditional Mandi Lulur – 120 minutes

The epitome of Balinese massage, this detoxifying and stimulating herbal skin preparation flushes away tension, followed by a cooling yoghurt rub. The final touch is a relaxing soak in a Balinese flower bath and a fresh pressed herbal tonic.

Traditional Balinese Boreh – 90 minutes

The essence of the Spice Islands – clove, ginger, nutmeg, and root of galangal are ground together in a volcanic stone mortar to create a detoxifying body scrub. This is followed by a full Swedish massage and a nourishing application sandalwood moisturizer.

Tjampuhan Healing Massage – 75 minutes

Relax with a head to toe healing massage using Tjampuhan aromatic oil and salt to soften the skin. Then leisurely soak in a bath infused with sea salt and fresh flowers.

Tjampuhan Body Scrub – 75 minutes

A body scrub that really makes you feels like royalty that includes a rejuvenating massage, carrot rub and a long soak in a Bali flower bath to replenish tired looking skin.
Choose from : Avocado, Seaweed, Coconut, or Green Tea

Beauty Facial – 60 minutes

This nurturing ritual uses Biokos products to cleanse and hydrate the skin. It also includes a reviving head, neck and shoulder massage.

Traditional Balinese Massage – 60 minutes

A full body massages with Tjampuhan Valley aromatic oils, with a choice of Ratu Bidadari oils (Angel Queen) and Rajawangi oils (Royal Essence).

Acupressure Massage – 60 minutes

Direct contact massage, from head to toe, providing overall body rejuvenation focusing on the breathing techniques essential to effective acupressure therapies.

Swedish Massage – 60 minutes

Absorb the essence of Tjampuhan Valley aromatic oils while our Swedish massage therapy soothes and stimulates, stretches and re-aligns both body and spirit.

Tjampuhan Special Treatments – 30 minutes

Choose from;

– Shoulder Massage
An efficient relief of neck, shoulder and upper back tension. This technique helps to improve blood circulation, upper body stress and emotional well-bring.

– Tjampuhan Face Massage
This facial uses the natural and calming properties of Biokos creams to refresh and moisturize the skin.

– Traditional Foot Massage
A special treatment to relax and refresh tired foot muscles and promote improved circulation to induce relaxation.

– Reflexology Massage
This special foot massage assist in the relief of stress and tension. This technique is based on the premise that the body contains energy constantly flowing through channels of zones, which unite at reflex points on the feet.



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