The Bistrot Bali – Seminyak 09:00-Late

The Bistrot位於Seminyak地區非常受歡迎的“美食街”路邊,坐落在一座美麗的寺廟後面,由強大的摩洛哥和比利時Zohra和Blaise團隊精心構思並精心打造。令人印象深刻的木製和天然鑿成的石頭,高天花板的開放空間,客人進入後立即感到賓至如歸,並讓人聯想到具有獨特工業感的紐約閣樓/工廠空間。

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“歡迎來到Seminyak The Bistrot這個令人驚嘆的世界,忘記外面快節奏的現代世界,在優雅性感的時代享受寧靜。”


這是一種非常都市與復古的感覺。然而,室內陳設溫暖而舒適。樓上的酒吧提供了海明威引以為豪的空間,寬敞的餐廳區讓人想起別緻的東方快車鐵路餐車。 Bistrot 是原創、古怪、美味且非常“童話般”的成人。


Add : Jalan Kayu Aya, No.117, Seminyak, Bali

營業時間 : 09:00-Late

Tel : 0361-738308 / 0361-7162325 / 0361-7847009


Be welcomed to the marvelous world of The Bistrot Bali ✨ Discover a unique dining experience in Bali within a New York/industrial style of architecture and elegant Parisian décor.
Our warm & welcoming place and the amazing staff will take your Lunch & Dinner experience to the next level.
Invite your dearest ones to share it with ????
Details create design. Come and feast your eyes with splendor trinkets & treasures within @thebistrotbali ????Discover unique details in every corner of The Bistrot Bali
Lunchtime favourites such as Pan Seared Snapper, Pumpkin Risotto, Potato Gratin and more. We have plenty of choice for all ranges of dietary preferences ✨
Morning magic. Preparing for you and your loved ones.
Rib-eye “Crying Tiger” by The Bistrot ✨
Legend has it, a tiger tasted this dish and found the beef so delicious and tender that he began to cry. Of course, we invite you to try!
Salmon Tarragon by The Bistrot ✨
A light lunch time treat full of flavour, to be indulged with one of our delightful sides.
Croque-monsieur by The Bistrot ✨
Smoked Baked Ham, French Emmental, Walnut & Bechemal Sauce. Delicious and served all day – great news for the early risers or late starters