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About Us

邀請您訪問我們的家庭SPA中心,目標是提供獨特的峇里島體驗。從抵達的那一刻到離開,都會得到照顧。 Ubud Traditonal SPA被稱為峇里島最好的SPA中心之一,真正關心您,就像我們照顧自己的家人一樣。

從抵達到離開,Ubud Traditional SPA提供獨特的峇里島按摩體驗。 招牌按摩是“Rice Farmer and ubud royal Massage”。

專業治療師皆經過培訓,確保對您的訪問感到滿意。 我們是一個小型SPA中心,提供四種獨特的按摩理療服務。



SPA為兩人或兩人以上的客人提供往返烏布地區的免費交通服務。位於烏布以西約4公里處的傳統小村莊Payogan。毗鄰歷史悠久的Pura Pucak寺廟,該寺廟自11 世紀以來一直活躍。 SPA的位置位於著名的 Champuhan Ridge 徒步路線上。




Ubud Royal Massage – 60 Minutes

Free 15 minutes reflexology

A massage fit for the Ubud Royal Family. Two therapists, working simultaneously will provide you with a blissful experience. Combining different massage techniques, you will end the massage feeling peaceful and relaxed.

Rice Farmer Massage – 60 / 90 Minutes

Free 15 minutes reflexology

Based on the traditional massage given to the rice farmer by his wife after a long day in the field. For this treatment, the oil is a mix of coconut oil with organic sea salt. Your therapist will utilize their lower arms and elbows to provide deep pressure on your sore muscles. Perfect for when your body needs extra relief!

Bali Traditional Massage – 60/ 90 Minutes

Free 15 minutes reflexology

Our traditional Balinese-style massage uses palm pressure on your body with long, stretching and sweeping movements for deep relaxation. Your massage can be from gentle to strong; the choice is up to you.

Balinese Reflexology – 60 Minutes

If your feet and legs are tired from exploring Bali, our reflexology treatment will help you regain your strength. Our therapist will stimulate the reflex points in the feet and lower legs, using both the strength of their hands and a wooden dowel.


HEALTH MATTERS – 如果有任何健康問題或受傷,請告訴按摩師,以便在按摩過程中避開這些區域。 對於懷孕,建議只進行峇里島傳統按摩。

SPA ATTIRE AND PRIVACY – 按摩時,可以使用SPA提供的一次性內衣,或者如果您願意,可以穿自己的內衣。 在任何時候,治療師都會盡最大努力保護您的個人隱私。

VALUABLES – 提供一個安全的衣櫃來存放您的衣服和貴重物品。

ARRIVAL – 建議在預約時間前大約15分鐘到達以放鬆並享用迎賓飲品。

SERVICE – 按摩費不包括服務小費; 如果您覺得治療很特別,我們將不勝感激。


Add : Jalan Rsi Markandya I Payogan, Kedewatan, Kec. Gianyar, Bali 80571
Tel : 0877-61584407
營業時間 : 11:00-18:00