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Padma Resort Ubud的Spa中心位於度假村的無邊泳池上方,一個健康、呵護和寧靜的聖地。 從設計精美的石頭和富含水的接待處,到幸福的理療室和公共區域,客人都沉浸在天堂般的異國水療體驗中。



Menu of Spa Service…



Warm Bamboo Massage | Purifying – 90 min

Let your mind and body escape reality and find its inner-balance. This deep but shooting massage will release knots and relax tense muscles through the use of long strokes using warm bamboo stalks and aromatherapy massage oil.

Herbal Revival Massage | Purifying – 60 min / 90 min

This is aromatherapy massage blends customized essential-oil infusion with warm herbal compresses and therapeutic techniques to melt stiffness along tension area of body. Deliver you the ultimate experience to
dissolve stress and balance the body’s internal rhythm.

Warm Stone Massage | Soothing – 60 min / 90 min

Smooth, heated stones are applied to your body in a pattern that renews tired muscles and soothes an anxious mind. The heat from the stone radiates deep into your body, leaving you feeling grounded and

Balinese Massage | Uplifting – 60 min / 90 min

This traditional Balinese therapy employs age-old techniques including stretching, long strokes, skin rolling and firm applications of pressure to release tension and enhance flexibility. By incorporating aromatic oil
you’ll experience a surge in energy.

Foot Massage | Purifying – 60 min

Treatment that concentrated on reflex areas in the feet that correspond to particular area of the body, stimulating and improving your overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.



Foot Massage – 30 min

Massage inspired by reflexology technique to release tension in the feet and leg, while stimulating the body’s natural recovery process.

Back Massage – 30 min

For those who short on time, these massage focuses on back, neck and shoulder to provide quick stress relief.




Basic – 30 min

Includes shape, soak, cuticle conditioning and filling, without nail polish.

Executive Manicure | Pedicure – 75 min

Complete nail treatment including exfoliation, hydrating masque and shooting neck and shoulder massage.

French Manicure | Pedicure – 75 min



沙龍位於The Spa 內,提供全方位的沙龍服務,包括男士、女士和兒童的理髮、造型、染髮和頭髮水療護理。


Hair & Beauty Services…

Salon Service

Hair Cut


  • Kid’s Haircut
  • Men’s Haircut
  • Women’s Haircut

Wash & Dry

令人耳目一新的簡單概念,煥然一新。 在45 分鐘內清洗、調理和吹乾頭髮。

  • Men’s Wash & Dry
  • Women’s Wash & Dry

Blow Dry


Hair Braid

把頭髮編成辮子和串珠,讓髮型流行起來。 將為您或您的孩子打造完美的造型。

Hair Spa & Creambath

用深層調理頭髮Spa霜從內到外修復和護理頭髮,讓頭髮注入水分、柔軟和光澤。包括 15 分鐘的手部、頸部和肩部按摩。

Hair Colouring

考慮改變頭髮顏色? 幫助您為您的新造型選擇完美的顏色。

Nail Treatments



  • Manicure – basic
  • Executive Manicure
  • French Manicure


  • Pedicure – basic
  • Executive Pedicure
  • French Polish

Polish Only / Nail Art


Bridal & Special Occasion

婚禮當天是一生中最難忘的日子之一。 從完美的髮型到完美的妝容,我們將與您合作,確保每一個細節都經過精心策劃。

For the Bride

  • Wedding Updo
  • Wedding Make-up
  • Wedding Updo & Make-up
  • Wedding Updo & Make-up Trial

For the Party

  • Special Occasion Updo
  • Special Occasion Make-up
  • Special Occasion Updo & Make-up
  • Hair Styling

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營業時間 : 09:00-21:00

Tel : 0361-3011111

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