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Total wellness at the ultimate Nusa Dua spa

在The Balé Nusa Dua的The SPA中心進入一個完全寧靜的世界。治療師在全方位的按摩、身體和面部護理方面經驗豐富,其中許多都是基於傳統的峇里島治療儀式。 試試 Crystal Healing Hot Stone 療法來改善身體、心靈和精神之間的能量流動,或者嘗試 Anma 傳統日本按摩來緩解壓力、平衡身體並排毒。 完成理療後,在SPA餐廳 – Bliss體驗清淡、健康的美食——為幸福SPA體驗畫上完美的句號。 還有一個設備齊全的健身房,有一名內部私人教練。


Details :

Operation Hours : 10:00 – 22:00
Spa product: Natural Product
Treatment rooms:

  • Indoor & Outdoor treatment room
  • Hot Jacuzzi
  • Sauna


Add : Jl. Raya Nusa Dua Selatan P.O Box 76, Nusa Dua 80363, Bali – Indonesia

Tel : +62 361 775 111, +62 812 3845 600, +62 361 300 1011

Spa Menu :


受峇里島治療儀式的影響,The SPA使用天然產品提供真正自然的按摩、身體和面部護理。治療師在我們全方位的按摩、身體和面部護理方面經驗豐富。 每次護理都從一杯檸檬和檸檬草冰茶和足浴開始。


Relax –

INDIAN HEAD massage – 30 min

This relaxing holistic treatment uses warm coconut oil combined with a acupressure massage on the head, neck, shoulder & face. This treatment is particularly for alleviating stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia and headaches.

TRADITIONAL massage – 60 min

Influenced by the healing rituals of Balinese culture, our Traditional massage combines stretching, acupressure and Swedish massage techniques. The aim of this therapy is to relieve tension and improve blood circulation.

FOOT treatment – 60 min

Begins with a foot bath ritual and foot scrub to exfoliate, followed by an acupressure point massage to reflex point’s on the feet. This soothing treatment release’s blocked area’s throughout the body whilst refreshing and improving blood circulation.

TRADITIONAL facial – 60 min

Custom-made Asian recipes with fresh ingredients to cleanse, refine, restore and re-hydrate your skin. Complemented with attention to the upper chest, neck, shoulder, hand and feet.

AFTER SUN SOOTHING ritual with Aloe Vera – 90 min

• After-sun Soothing Bath
• After-sun Soothing Gel
• Fresh Facial with fresh cucumber slices and honey for face mask
• Cooling Shower with After-sun Shower Gel
• After-sun Soothing Body Lotion
• After-sun Soothing Body Mist
• A refreshing glass of Watermelon Juice


Energize –

AROMATHERAPY massage – 60 min

Combination of deep stroke massage using lomi-lomi, pressure point and stretching technique to reduce stress and muscle aches. With a choice of aromatherapy oil :

• Relaxation : blend of Clary Sage, Lavender and Geranium
• Revitalizing : blend of Lemon, Basil and Peppermint
• Detoxification : blend of Ginger, Tangerine and Lime
• Sensuous : blend of Rose Geranium, Ylang-ylang and Sandalwood

HEALING HOT STONE massage – 60 min

The healing power of touch comes together with the energy of the earth, in this relaxing muscle melting massage. Specially selected volcanic stones are used to heal the body with their mineral content, which creates a state of complete relaxation.

CRYSTAL HEALING HOT STONE body therapy – 60 min / facial – 75 min

East Asian bodywork and western scientific empirical data combine using these crystal stones to bring out a simple yet powerful healing treatment. The crystals are chosen for their different special properties to help enhance our bodywork and to facilitate energy movement between body, mind and spirit..

HONEY TREATMENT massage (per couple) – 60 min

This sensual and exciting treatment is for couples to enjoy via a long stroke massage technique, combined with warm honey oil. Honey is a traditional and tropical supplement, which will help you sleep at the night while also stabilizing your blood pressure, sugar levels, relieve pain and calm your nerves. A wonderful romantic and blissful experience!

ANMA – TRADITIONAL Japanese bodywork – 75 min

Traditional Japanese bodywork/ massage is more than a massage for stress relief. It helps to balance and detoxify the body. During the massage, muscle toxicity is pushed out into the blood stream, but still remains in the body. Drinking water after the treatment will flush out the toxins to leave the body and blood stream healthy and clean.


Rejuvenate –

COFFEE RITUAL for men – 90 min

• Body Massage (Espresso massage oil)
• Body Scrub (Cappuccino body scrub)
• Shower (Mocaccino body wash)
• Latte Body Lotion
• Fresh coffee or herbal tea in “Bliss”

STEAMED RICE facial – 60 min

Special mixture’s from Spice Island’s of Indonesia blend with other Asian remedies that moistens the skin to leave your skin younger, lighter and smoother. Complemented with attention to upper chest, neck – shoulder, hand and feet.

REJUVINATING Facial – 75 min

This organic seaweed & avocado anti-aging facial is focusing to renew & hydrate your skin cells. The facial is applied with an acupressure massage on your face and will give your skin a new look of vitality and radiance. This treatment also includes a shoulder & upper chest massage.

Manicures & Pedicures are available upon request


Spa Package –

烹飪團隊將利用豐富的經驗和知識來個性化2道式健康餐飲選擇,包括在下面的套餐價格中。 這些選項將在理療結束時在SPA區享受,並將根據理療的性質進行選擇。 以下套餐的時段不包括用餐體驗。 每次治療都將從一杯新鮮果汁和足浴開始。

TRADITIONAL BALINESE treatment – 130 min

• Traditional Body Massage
• Body Scrub (Traditional Lulur or Coconut scrub)
• Body Mask (Boreh body mask or Ginger
• Vanilla body mask)
• Jacuzzi & Body Cream

THE BALÉ REJUVENATION ritual – 165 min

• Traditional Body Massage
• Coconut Seaweed Body Scrub
• Anti Aging Facial
• Jacuzzi & Marine Body Cream

TROPICAL ROMANTIC ritual – Single / Couple 120 min 

• Aromatherapy Body Massage
• Body Wash (Cananga Sandalwood or Cananga Geranium body wash)
• Scrub Gel
• Jacuzzi & Body Cream

ZEN RITUAL for body & mind – 120 min

• Hot Stone Massage with
• Green Tea massage oil
• Green Tea Body Mask
• Jacuzzi & Green Tea and
• Honey Moisturizing Cream

EXOTIC FRUITS BODY treatment – 130 min

• Hot Stone Body Massage with
• Fruits Body Oil
• Body Scrub with Seasonal Fresh Fruits
• Extract Fruits Body Mask
• Fruits Bath
• Jacuzzi & Extract Fruits Body Lotion

HONEYMOON INDULGENCE package – Couple 180 min

• Honey Treatment massage
• Honey Body Scrub
• Romantic Bath or Jacuzzi
• Honey Facial

此套餐是The Balé全新的終極情侶護理,是真正的甜蜜體驗。 一起享受和品味的回憶!