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Holistic wellness at The Amala – Relax and indulge at our blissful Spa….

The Amala的SPA理療師精通古代亞洲和西方的整體哲學。 度假村內溫和的生活節奏將幫助您放鬆並專注於廣泛的SPA/健康護理:從傳統的峇里島按摩到面部護理、身體護理或儀式性整體護理。 提供SPA套餐,通過和諧解決方案重振健康,使用來自知名和 100% 天然品牌“Sensatia”的產品以及其他當地採購的有機成分。SPA中心在Seminyak獲得高度評價,還提供特別的“觸感藝術”按摩課程——專為情侶而設——教您如何完美地與伴侶之間的愛撫。 這是一種通過探索和利用人情味的力量與您的伴侶重新建立聯繫的獨特方式。


Operation Hours : 09:30 – 21:30
Spa product: Natural Product
Treatment rooms:

  • Three indoor couples rooms

Add : Jl. Kunti I, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Tel :  0812-3833696 / 0361-738866



Body Massages

Back Relief Massage / 30 min

Uses long strokes and pressure point techniques, focusing on the large muscle groups and sensitive nerve plexus on the back to ease tension.

Foot Massage / 75 min

Based on the Chinese meridian theory of “energy pathways”, this treatment begins with a foot bath ritual with delicate exfoliation, followed by gentle stimulation of acupressure points in the feet to balance and energize the body.

Head and Shoulder Stress Relief / 60 min

Focusing on alleviating stress in the upper body using deep tissue massage techniques to break down muscle knots and increase oxygen intake in the tissues. An excellent stress buster to relax the mind and improve concentration.

Traditional Balinese Massage / 60 min

Influenced by the healing rituals of Balinese culture, this traditional massage combines stretching and acupressure techniques to relieve tension and improve circulation.

Purification Massage with Ear Candle / 60 min

Using lymphatic drainage techniques as a basis, with an natural and non-intrusive method of cleansing the inside of the ears and relieving pressure in the head, this treatment helps promote thermal circulation in the encephalon by increasing oxygen and blood circulation, purifying the channel of the throat, nose and ears, easing overall tension and fatigue.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage / 60 min

Using gentle and rhythmic lymphatic massage techniques, this treatment effectively stimulates the lymphatic system, encouraging the elimination of toxins and increases blood circulation.

Jade Stone Body Massage / 60 min

This invigorating full body massage combines the healing powers of jade stone with a series of century-old Chinese techniques to stimulate circulation that helps release toxins from the body’s deep tissue.

Amala Holistic Signature Massage / 90 min

This signature massage uses a combination of techniques to release physical stiffness, tissue adhesions, and tension, together with The Amala’s exclusively blended essential oils, this holistic full body treatment uses a fusion of therapeutic techniques from the East and the West to give you the ultimate soothing and pampering experience.

Tui Na – Chinese Acupressure Massage / 90 min

Tui Na is a bodywork treatment that adapts the traditional Chinese massage technique that opens and stimulates the meridians of the body to increase the flow of “chi” energy and replenish vitality. A deep, full, all over body massage designed to work on stiff, tight and fatigued muscles.

Hot & Cold Stone Signature Massage / 90 min

Based on the philosophy of “La Stone” technique of the traditional North American Shaman tribe, using thousand year old hot and cold energy stones with gentle Swedish massage techniques to stimulate and relax the circulatory system for a full body detox and energy balancing.


Body Care Treatment (add on)

Traditional Balinese Boreh Mask / 45 min

A warming scrub using centuries-old Balinese healing recipe of herbs and exotic spices for a “body revival” experience.

Natural Cacao Body Mask / 30 min

A moisturising and nourishing cacao body mask that leaves skin soft with a luminous glow.

Aloe Vera Body Scrub & Mask / 60 min

The amino acid and complex polysaccharide substances in aloe vera constitute a natural moisturising factor. It can replenish the moisture lost in the skin, restore the function of the gelatin protein, and keep the skin soft, smooth and elastic. A nourishing and natural scrub for sensitive and dry skin.

Detox Green Tea Body Scrub & Mask / 60 min

Green tea leaves provide anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce blemishes and scars, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Coffee, Cacao & Brown Sugar Body Scrub By Sensatia / 30 min

A natural exfoliating and anti-inflammatory scrub by Sensatia Botanicals for detoxification that reduces the appearance of varicose veins and cellulite.



所有面部護理產品均使用來自峇里島的知名100%天然“SENSATIA BOTANICALS”品牌,由純植物製成。

Organic Facial / 60 min

Starting with a gentle facial cleanse and exfoliation, this is followed by a revitalising face and neck massage with the application of a nourishing mask and moisturiser, leaving the skin refreshed.

Golden Spoon Facial / 90 min

This rejuvenating facial uses golden spoon therapy and bio-light ultrasonic induction method to reduce fine lines, lighten dark eye circles, and help the skin become more radiant. This treatment includes a serum mask and golden spoon massage to improve facial circulation and regenerate the skin.

Cooling Jade Facial / 90 min

Inspired by the beauty and radiant skin of the Chinese Empress, this opulent anti-aging treatment lavishes your skin with pure Pearl Extract to improve elasticity and increase skin oxygenation. *This treatment includes Pearl Extract mask and Jade roller massage.


The Amala Ritual

Blissful Body Rejuvenating Ritual / 100 min

A combination of one-hour body massage and 40 minutes of an Aloe Vera, Green Tea body scrub or Cacao body mask treatment.

Indulgent Re-balancing Ritual / 100 min

One hour of Balinese massage followed by a 40 minute mini Organic facial (cleanser, exfoliating, facial mask, and moisturizer)

Balinese Exotic Fruit Ritual / 130 min

With a sense of ritual, this treatment starts with a Foot Bath, leading to a Traditional Balinese Massage, fully pampered by a scrub that is a combination of exotic fruits and coconut which helps rid the skin of dead cells, while gently moisturising with an avocado body mask that keeps the skin smooth and soft. Followed by relaxing into a citrus and flower petals bath. And to complete the treatment, a sandalwood lotion moisturiser will be used.

Amala Healing Ritual / 120 min

The Amala signature holistic body massage using a warm herbal compress to melt your tension away. Using dry flower powder with milk for a nourishing exfoliating scrub, this signature ritual cleanses and restores the mineral balance and PH in the body. A rich green tea body lotion is applied for a finishing touch.

Javanese “Lulur” Ritual / 150 min

Originated from the century old royal treatment found in the palaces of central Java, this ancient beauty treatment was used as a purifying ritual for Javanese princesses as they prepared for their wedding day. Starting with our ritual foot bath, leading to a traditional Balinese body massage, this luxurious ritual adds an exquisite “Lulur” exfoliation to peel off dead skin followed by a Cendana (sandalwood) body mask. The ritual is completed with a pampering flower bath.

Detox Purification Ritual / 150 min

This ritual starts with lymphatic drainage body massage to eliminate toxins, continues with seaweed body scrub to prepare the body for a rich detoxing seaweed mask, and finishes with an herbal bath soak and Jasmine lotion.

Royal Chinese Empress Ritual / 210 min

A Chinese imperial secret reserved for thousands of years, this rejuvenation journey includes a jade body massage followed by a natural honey salt scrub with a kaolin clay mask to help purify, soothe and nourish. The ritual includes a soothing flower bath for a full body relaxation with a luxurious cool jade facial for a head to toe pampering treatment. These were the privileged and rare accessories of the Chinese empresses in their quest for a smooth youthful face.