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Discover the Art of Spa at Ubud’s Best Luxury Resort!

烏布Tanah Gajah的SPA中心優雅地融合了輕鬆、寧靜和現代的設施。 在兩間面向稻田的SPA套房內,可以欣賞到Ubud標誌性的稻田,當才華橫溢的理療師將壓力從身體中釋放出來,可以放鬆身心。特色護理包括Tanah Gajah Jade按摩和經典的印尼奶油浴,在經驗豐富的雙手揉搓頭皮、肩膀、手臂和手的同時深層調理頭髮。對這些相同肥沃領域的看法激發及分散了瑜伽工作室內的健康俱樂部注意力。甚至可以潛入25米長的游泳池,欣賞遠處神聖的阿貢山(Mount Agung)的美景,提供完美的背景。


Address: Tengkulak Kaja, Jl. Raya Goa Gajah, Kemenuh, Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80571

Tel : 0361-975685

營業時間 : 09:00-21:00


有興趣者可洽 Casa Chen 0932-043913, mail to


SPA Menu:


豪華雙人SPA套房設有超大的半戶外水磨石浴缸。 每間SPA套房還設有私人蒸汽淋浴。 提神醒腦的蒸汽浴或放鬆沐浴儀式是在按摩前後放鬆身心的好方法。

  • Tanah Gajah Love Bath Ceremony

30 minutes – 1,190,000
Rose Petals, Love Potion, Champagne and Canapés.

  • VOYA Organic Seaweed Bathing Ceremony

30 minutes – 595,000
Organic Whole Leaf Seaweed

  • Oriental Bathing Ceremony

30 minutes – 595,000
May Chang and White Grapefruit, Bath Salt

  • Balinese Bathing Ceremony

30 minutes – 595,000
Ylang Ylang and Lemongrass

  • Aromatic Herbal Steam Bath

30 minutes – 595,000
Fresh Lemongrass, Ginger and Tropical Lime.


  • VOYA Organic Seaweed Leaf Envelopment for Detoxification

120 minutes – 2,260,000
We use the finest seaweed hand-harvested from the ocean to ensure that the highest content of bio-actives is preserved. The treatment start with a body and facial exfoliation using seaweed and spiny bamboo blended with seaweed oil. Next, the body is cocooned in whole seaweed leaves for toning and firming while special leaves are used on the face. After the envelopment and face masque have been applied, a conditioning hair masque is Massaged into the scalp. After 20 minutes, the seaweed leaves are removed and the excess seaweed gel is massaged into the skin. The treatment concludes with the
application of seaweed face cream, eye serum and body moisturizer.

  • ila Bio-Rhythm Envelopment for Jetlag

120 minutes – 2,260,000
The aim of this treatment is to restore the body’s natural flow of energy that can be disrupted by air travel and use of electronic devices. The treatment begins with an Energy Body Polish and continues with a Mud Wrap, both containing high levels of minerals in ional form which emit negative ions when warmed. These ions charge and restore the magnetic field surrounding the body that is known as the aura. A Marma Massage on the back soothes the nervous system finishing with a Marma Massage of the face while you are cocooned in a warm blanket. This treatment is the perfect remedy for jetlag.

  • ila Amethyst Envelopment For Inner Peace

90 minute – 1,785,000
The amethyst wrap draws deep toxins from the cells and astral body. It revitalizes and purifies the skin, lymphatic system and bio-energy field and can promote profound emotional and energetic healing. This wrap also incorporates a Jasmine and Pearl Body Polish, mini crystal face massage and application of beautiful Jade Body Cream.

  • ila Envelopment for Energizing

90 minutes – 1,785,000
The treatment begins with a stimulating body polish using wild-grown argan oil blended with juniper berry, organic rose geranium and wild poppy essence for energizing and detoxifying. The body polish is followed by an application of purifying mud for revitalization of the skin and balancing of the energy field surrounding the body. While you are cocooned in the full body envelopment, a stimulating scalp massage and hair masque complete this top-to-toe treatment.



  • ila Mother-To-Be Massage

90 minute – 1,430,000
A portable pregnancy massage bed is designed to accommodate mother’s baby bump for complete comfort and relaxation while laying prone. The treatment begins with an exfoliation using a special blend of Himalayan pink salt, rosehip and blackcurrant seeds to remove dead skin cells and stimulate lymphatic drainage to release water retention. This is followed by a massage using organic argan oil infused with herbal extracts of rose and geranium. Soothing heated poultices with lavender and calendula are used over marma points to bring balance and harmony to mother and baby. Treatments are available in the spa or your suite or villa.

  • ila Chakra Balancing Massage

75 minute – 1,190,000
This subtle energy therapy is aimed at balancing the nervous system and has a powerful effect. A synergistic blend of essential oil including cardamom, jasmine and patchouli in a base of pure organic argan oil is applied using ancient massage techniques. The energetic combination of botanical essence and marma point massage open the flow of subtle healing energy through the chakras for increase vitality. The treatment is focused along the spine with some massage to the extremities. The massage technique is gentle with soft to medium pressure and is focused on the flow of energy rather than manipulation of muscle tissue.

  • ila Indian Marma Point Head Massage And Hair Mask

45 minute – 835,000
Acupressure techniques release tension and open the flow of energy in the head and neck area. Essential oil of juniper berry and geranium nourish the hair for a healthy shine. A vitamin- rich hair masque feeds, fortifies and thickens the hair.



  • Tanah Gajah Oriental Ritual

150 minute – 3,215,000
Aromatherapy foot polish, Tanah Gajah Jade Massage, Choice of 60 – minute Facial, Thai- Style Foot Reflexology, Himalayan Crystal Body Polish, Oriental Bathing ceremony.

  • Bali Oriental Ritual

120 minute – 1,785,000
Aromatherapy foot polish, Ancient Balinese Massage, Choice of Body Polish, Balinese Bathing Ceremony.

  • India Oriental Ritual

120 minute – 2,100,000
Aromatherapy foot polish, Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage, Marma Point Head Massage with Hair Masque, Herbal Steam Bath.

  • Thai Oriental Ritual

120 minute – 2,100,000
Aromatherapy foot polish, Herbal Steam Bath, Thai- Style Foot Reflexology, REN Bespoke Facial.

  • ila Adreno Restore Ritual

120 minute – -2,100,000
Adrenal fatigue is a 21st century syndrome. Although we all recognize that stress is part of everyday life in modern times, few understand the impact that long-term stress will have on our health. Adrenal fatigue occurs when our adrenal glands can no longer meet the psychological demands of maintaining homeostasis due to stress that may be triggered by physical, emotional or psychological factors.

Vetivert, pine, cedarwood, ashwagandha and pfaffia are blended with Himalayan salt crystal and applied with exfoliation techniques. A wrap with the same adaptogenic herbs is applied to the torso to target the adrenal glands. Naturopathic packs are warmed and applied over the adrenals to infuse healing herbs through the skin. Float into deep relaxation during a Tibetan- style massage called Ku Nye for grounding and restoring balance.



  • VOYA Focus Luscious Organic Glow For Detoxifying

60 minute- 1,110,000
An excellent skin rejuvenator, this detoxifying treatment is designed t remove dull skin cells and refine the texture of your skin. VOYA Luscious Salt is combined with Dead Sea Salt Focus Serratus Seaweed Oil. This blend of ingredients will stimulate blood lymph flow while improving skin tone and luster. It is an excellent skin rejuvenator that leaves skin velvety and dewy soft.

  • VOYA Bladderwrack Body Buff For Nourishing

60 minute – 1,110,000
Certified organic Bladderwrack Body Buff is the ultimate treat for tired and dull skin. The antioxidant of the mineral- rich Bladderwrack seaweed are combine with massage oil for a powerful combination of ingredients to nourish and improve the condition of the skin. The body polish is followed by a cleansing shower and short massage with VOYA’s Softly Does It seaweed body moisturizer.

  • ila Himalayan Crystal Body Polish For Detoxifying Or Uplifting

60 minute – 1,110,000
A body polish will stimulate the lymphatic system, aid circulation and refine the texture of the skin. This treatment is an ideal remedy for cellulite, stress and exhaustion. When warmed, the pink Himalayan salt emits many negative ions that refresh and energise on a subtle level. Choose from wild- grown argan oil with juniper berry, organic rose geranium and wild poppy essence for energizing and detoxifying or damascene rose otto with jasmine and organic rosehip seed oil a blissful experience.

  • Ren Guarande Salt Exploiting Body Balm For Delicate Skin

60 minute – 1,110,000
Hand-harvested French mineral salt from the sea is combined with basil and peppermint essential oils in a balm made from rich olive and almond oils. This exfoliating body balm gently removes dead
cells and will leave your skin moisturized, renewed and glowing. Hot towels are applied to infuse the nutrients and essential oils for cell renewal and deep relaxation. The ritual concludes with an Application of hydrating Rose Body Cream.

  • Tanah Gajah Jade Massage

60 minutes – 1,430,000
90 minutes – 2,140,000
A dynamic style to dissolve deep muscle tension and soothe the spirit. Two therapists work in synchronized movements using a variety of massage techniques including Shiatsu, Balinese, Thai, Swedish and Lomi-Lomi.

  • Ancient Balinese Massage

60 minutes – 890.000
90 minutes – 1,340,000
This traditional Balinese-style massage includes Balinese palming, stretching, effleurage and pressure point techniques to relieve tension, improve blood flow, ease stress and calm the mind.

  • Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage

90 minutes – 1,430,000
An ancient ritual to balance mind and body with warmed therapeutic oils and a special massage technique for each dosha: Vata, Pitta or Kapha.

  • Himalayan Warm Stone Massage

90 minute – 1,430,000
Shamans have used heater river stone in their healing practice for centuries. Warm stone are placed on the chakras and then massaged over the body to promote a deep state of relaxation, soothing away stress and dissolving muscular tension.

  • Thai – Style Foot Reflexology

30 minute – 475,000
60 minute – 835,000
Firm pressure is used to stimulate the reflex points in the feed. Float into deep relaxation for a divine sense of balance and well-being.

  • Traditional Indonesian Head Massage And Hair Masque

60 minute – 750,000
This Traditional Indonesian beauty ritual begins with a double cleanse of the hair, and continues with a scalp massage using a heavenly scented hair balm for deep conditioning. The hair balm is processed under a steamer while you enjoy a relaxing shoulder and arm massage.

  • ila Tibetan Ku Nye Massage

90 minute – 1,430,000
This body treatment honours and respects the ancient Tibetan traditional of healing, restoring, harmonizing and strengthening the body’s natural flow of energy. A blend of wild-grown essential oils combine with traditional techniques of cupping, acupressure, kneading, rocking, hot stones and poultices to purify the five element of the body, stimulate the lymphatic system and energize the subtle body and meridian system.



  • Ren Bio Active Bespoke Facial

60 minutes – 1,190,000
75 minutes – 1,430,000
A complete facial incorporating Japanese lymphatic drainage and hydration massage techniques for toning and moisturizing. An application of eyelift gel, cell therapy and a hand treatment complete the ritual.

  • Ren Facial for Men

60 minutes – 1,190,000
Vitamin C is the most potent antioxidant for the skin and assists in the production of collagen. This facial removes impurities and refines the skin as it hydrates and promotes cell regeneration.

  • Ren Bio Active Eye Care

30 minutes – 595,000
A deluxe hydration to treat the delicate eye area.

  • VOYA Organic Marine EyeTreatment

45 minute – 890,000
An ultimate treat for refreshing and rejuvenating tired eyes. Combining relaxing and decongesting lymphatic massage. movement with specialized organic Laminaria Digitata Seaweed Eye Patches hand- harvested from the wild Atlantic Ocean.

  • VOYA Organic Deluxe Facial

90 minute – 1,785,000
The crème de la crème of facial treatments for all skin type, of particular benefit for mature, dry or dehydrated skin, alleviates fine lines and wrinkles. This indulgent seaweed facial begin with a back exfoliating and a bespoke back massage. The double action masque aims to detoxify nourish even the most troubled dry skin. This facial includes a 20 minute facial massage, complemented by a relaxing head massage.

  • VOYA Organic Illuminating Facial

60 minute – 1,190,000
This incredible organic Illuminating facial is deeply detoxifying and will brighten and even skin- tone. It will also increase clarity leaving the skin feeling silky smooth, soft and radiant. This facial incorporates a
pressure point facial massage, targeting deeper muscle in the face to release any build-up of toxins, improve radiance and restore a glow to your complexion. The treatment also includes a pressure point foot massage to melt away tension and promote a state of deep relaxation.

  • ila Gemstone Facial

75 minute – 1,430,000
During this gentle, non-invasive treatment, electro-magnetic light frequencies, color therapy and the subtle energy of crystals combine to release facial tension, rejuvenate the complexion and raise the vibration energy of the skin. Lymphatic drainage massage eliminates toxins and reduces puffiness in the face, while marma point massage with warm rose quartz crystal and targeted light therapy deliver energy where it is needed to balance the body and bring forth innate beauty. This facial ends with a cooling jade masque to reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.



在Tanah Gajah, a Resort by Hadiprana度假村,僅使用純素、野生製作的有機SPA Ritual產品進行美甲服務。在指甲護理產品中的指甲油不會出現toluene甲苯、formaldehyde甲醛、dibutyl phthalate鄰苯二甲酸二丁酯和parabens對羥基苯甲酸酯。

享受芳香療法之旅,可以在其中選擇您的意圖……放鬆relax、提升uplift 激發靈感inspire。微藻Micro algae和礦物鹽 mineral salt注入野生印尼生薑,可溫和去除乾燥的皮膚。 使用生薑和中國茉莉精油、蘆薈aloe與乳木果油Shea butter、芝麻油sesame oil、橄欖油olive oil、酪梨avocado和維生素A和E的保濕混合物,進行全面的手部或足部康復按摩,從而加深生薑的芳香療法特性。

  • Aura Balance Manicure
    60 minutes – 535,000
  • Aura Balance Pedicure
    60 minutes – 595,000
  • Waxing
    Aloe Vera, Natural and Rose cartridge wax is used for legs, back and chest while film wax is used for bikini and underarms.
    Full leg – 595,000
    Half leg – 360,000
    Bikini – 360,000
    Underarm – 300,000
    Chest – 360,000
    Back – 360,000

SPA Package

120 Minutes Indulgent Oriental Spa Ritual –

IDR 850,000 nett / person
Treat yourself to the ultimate pampering treatment with a 60-minute body massage followed by an organic body scrub, energizing herbal bath, and tea ritual.
  • Reservation must be made at least 24 hours prior.
  • Price is inclusive of 10% service and 13.75% government tax.
  • This offer cannot be combined with other promotions or discount.

Ancient Balinese Massage –

Limited time offer

60 MinutesIDR 350,000 nett / person
90 MinutesIDR 450,000 nett / person

Enjoy a special spa promotion for Tanah Gajah Ubud signature traditional Balinese-style massage includes palming, stretching and pressure point techniques to relieve tension, improve blood flow, ease stress and calm the mind in one of Ubud’s best SPAs.

  • Reservation must be made at least 24 hours prior.
  • Price is inclusive of 10% service charge and 13.75% government tax.
  • This offer cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts.

Couple Spa Treatment with Bath Ritual & Sparkling Wine –

IDR 1,900,000 nett / couple

Experience an intimate spa journey with your loved one through a 60-minute Ayurvedic Abhayanga massage, followed by a selection of organic body polish. Finish with a pampering love bath ritual accompanied by a bottle of sparkling wine, canapés, and unbeatable views of rice paddy fields.
  • Reservation must be made at least 24 hours prior.
  • Price is inclusive of 10% service and 13.75% government tax.
  • This offer cannot be combined with other promotions or discount.

SPA Etiquette –

Health Matters:

  • 請在預約時告知健康狀況,例如高血壓high blood pressure、過敏allergies、懷孕pregnancy或任何與健康相關的問題。 不建議在SPA護理之前或之後直接飲酒。

SPA Attrie:

  • 將提供SPA服裝,包括選擇內衣,您也可以選擇自己穿。選擇最適合您的。治療師將始終使用懸垂技術來尊重您的隱私。


  • SPA套房內為您的個人物品提供一個安全的地方; 但是,不承擔丟失或損壞的責任。 建議貴重物品存放在套房或別墅的保險箱內。


  • 遲到可能需要限制您的治療時間,以免耽誤下一位客人。 請在您預定的治療時間前十分鐘到達SPA中心接待處。

Cancellation Policy:

  • 選擇的治療時段是專門為您保留的。對於在預約時間前不到6小時才取消的治療,將收取50%的取消費用。不到2小時通知未出現或取消將收取100%的費用。


  • 請注意,SPA和健身俱樂部設施被指定為禁煙區。

Mobile Phone:

  • 請勿在SPA場所使用手機。 請讓您的手機始終處於靜音模式。

Minimum Age:

  • 進入SPA和健身俱樂部設施的最低年齡為16歲。