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Sthala Ubud Bali是位在峇里島Ubud的Tribute Portfolio集團下的5星豪華飯店,可俯瞰Ubud的 Wos河。


Sthala Ubud Bali坐落在烏布Lodtunduh的熱帶景觀中,提供真正的當地體驗。 這個高檔度假村的設計靈感來自傳統的峇里島元素,並結合其風景如畫的自然環境。

About Us


在Ubud萬豪國際集團Tribute Portfolio品牌飯店Sthala的Tahara SPA中心盡情享受寧靜的SPA儀式。SPA位於高架的一樓,享有壯麗的自然景觀,設計時考慮到了身心的終極健康。







Ubud萬豪國際Tribute Portfolio集團


Inclusions :

  • 60 minutes Balinese massage at TAHARA SPA.
  • Pools access includes towel (complimentary pools access for children below 12 years old)


Balinese Heritage Massage – 60/90 Min

This divine therapy rebalances your body, combining gentle stretching, long therapeutic strokes and skin rolling. Palm and thumb acupressure techniques applied directly to the problematic areas to alleviate deep stress and tension, improving blood flow and restoring a relaxed and rejuvenated sense of wellbeing.

Sungai Wos Massage with Hot Stone Therapy – 90 Min

Our signature massage is a deeply soothing, stress-relieving body massage. Aromatherapy oils are poured onto the centre of the body and massaged into the skin using long deep sweeping movements that acompass the whole body. Hot Wos river stones are used to release deep seated tension. A relaxing scalp massage is also included to achieve total relaxation.

Hot Balinese Herbal Compress Massage – 90 Min

As one of our traditional healing massages, the herbal compress massage uses selected Balinese herbs wrapped inside a warm poultice and is used to calm nerves, soothe knotted muscles and rebalance energy levels to encourage positive circulation and good health.

Full Reflexology – 30 Min

Reflexology is based on the principle that the body has natural energy that flows freely when in good health. Our therapists gently apply pressure to specific points aroung the feet, back, neck and shoulders to target problematic areas due to poor diet, stress, and tension and assist the energies pathways to natural healing.

Sthala Signature Massage – 120 Min

Eliminate toxins and smooth your skin with this stimulating treatment that promotes purification and renewed skin tone. Treatment begins with a mineral drenched footbath followed by our full body massage with Hot Wos Stone massage technique. A Javanese lulur scrub is then applied, smoothing and removing dead skin cells. Afterwards, a fresh papaya leaf and cucumber blend is massaged over the whole body, allowing the skin to absorb the healing nutrients. Meanwhile, the Aloe Vera mixed with gel is applied to the face to nourish and replenish skin. The treatment is completed with a soak in a luxurious bath.

Organic Balinese Herbal Treatment – 120 Min

Our Total Detox face & body treatment uses a traditional Balinese organic natural herbal medicine that has handed down from generation to generation. The treatment uses an initial herbal compress massage then a detoxifying body wrap, a turmeric herbal mini facial, and finally a soothing herbal bath to complete your spa treatment journey.

Body Scrub

Luxurious Balinese Lulur – 30 Min

Recognized as traditional medicine, this ancient remedy full of detoxifying herbs and spices originated in the rice farms of Bali and has been bequeathed through generations. Lulur warm the body relieving aching joints and soothing sore muscles. This remedy can be used both as a body mask or a scrub due to its complex, healing texture.

Softening Salt Glow – 30 Min

The nourishing natural body scrub is filled with a refreshing blend of sea salt and coconut oil. Perfect for making the skin look vibrant and youthful by exfoliating and moisturizing damaged dry skin.

Body Wrap – 30 Min

Soothing Sun – Kissed Body Wrap

A deeply soothing and cooling total body mask designed to rehydrate and repair damaged or full skin. Infused with healing herbal essential oils, papaya combined with Aloe Vera, this wrap is the most effective way to soothe your body and rejuvenate your skin cells.

Manicure and Pedicure

Basic Manicure – 45 Min

A traditional manicure and soothing treatment for total nail and hand care including forearm and hand massage with moisture rich balm.

Basic Pedicure – 45 Min

A traditional pedicure and soothing treatment for total nail and foot care including a nourishing soak and moisturizing foot massage.

Manicure – 60 Min

A traditional manicure and soothing treatment for total nail and hand care including forearm and hand massage with moisture rich balm. A choice of nail color from our extensive polish collection is applied.

Pedicure – 60 Min

A traditional pedicure and soothing treatment for total nail an foot care including a nourishing soak and moisturizing foot massage. A choice of nail colour from our extensive polish collection is applied.


Nail Polish – 30 Min

A choice of nail colour from our extensive polish collection is applied.

Traditional Hair Mask – 30 Min

Traditional hair mask treatment use natural coconut milk mixed with fresh lemon that helps overcome various problems with damaged hair such as dry, dull, this treatment is intended to nourish the hair roots, revitalized the scalp, and strengthen hair follicles making hair healthy and shiny overall.


Special Request – 所有治療師都接受過專業培訓,提供最好的治療方法。

Medical Alert – 如果接受以下任何醫療狀況或採取任何形式的醫療、懷孕、肌肉或關節損傷、高血壓、整形手術史或使用護膚藥物,請通知SPA中心接待處和治療師。治療師會為孕婦或哺乳期母親推薦合適的和改良的治療方法。

Valuables – 建議避免將貴重物品帶到治療室中。如果佩戴,請放在SPA中心提供的首飾盒中。請注意,Tahara SPA中心對任何物品丟失、被盜或放錯地方概不負責。

Attire for Treatment – 為了舒適,SPA將為提供浴袍、一次性內褲和拖鞋。

Age Limitation – 設施和治療僅供12歲或以上的客人使用。12歲以下的兒童必須由成人陪同。

Cancellation Policy – 如果預約有任何更改或取消,至少在預訂時間4小時前通知,以避免全額取消費用。

Arrival Time – 請至少建議在預約前10分鐘到達。將有時間註冊、享用迎賓飲品並在治療前放鬆。

Spa Tranquility – 為保持SPA環境的寧靜,SPA場所內的所有電子設備都應關閉。

Meals Before Treatment – 為了獲得治療的全部好處,建議在預約前2小時不要進食。

Treatment Oils – 強烈建議不要使用任何香水、濃密的鬚後水或香味乳液,以便從護理過程中使用的特殊草藥和油中受益。治療後無需淋浴,因為使用的所有SPA產品均由優質成分製成。


Add : Jalan A.A Gede Rai Mawang Kelod, Lodtunduh, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Tel : 0361-3018700 / 0811-3805965

營業時間 : 09:00-22:00



Recover from hustle and bustle, retreat into the heart of Ubud and enjoy our combined escape stay & ultimate spa package in a special rate for you! Indulge a serene spa ritual by relaxing in our Tahara Spa which bestowed by the magnificent nature surrounding view. 

Stay fit every day.
Release your muscles after a day exploring Ubud Bali. Sit back and relax in the comfortable lounge with forest views at Tahara Spa and enjoy a relaxing foot massage by our skilled therapists.
SPA indulgence by the river
A day SPA experience at TAHARA SPA combined with pools access at the best infinity pool in Ubud, Bali.
Relax, swim, massage.
Enjoy special package of a Balinese massage at Tahara spa with a refreshing view of dense green forest and the use of two swimming pools