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生命之水。 恩典狀態。

意為生命之水的 Sudajiva SPA中心提供一系列護理——融合了古代和現代的治療療法——淨化身心,遠離負能量,重煥活力,繼續在眾神之島的探索之旅。

每間SPA套房都旨在在美麗、優雅和寧靜的氛圍中恢復身心的平衡與和諧,配有自己的獨立花園庭院和室外“花灑”淋浴間。SPA產品特別融合了島上的自然元素,Sudajiva 將重新定義SPA體驗。


Add : Jl. Sudamala No. 20. Sanur, Bali 80227. Indonesia

Tel : +62 361 288 555 / +62 812 3845 4988

營業時間 : 08:00-21:00


Menu :


Treatment –


Purity Facial – 60 minutes

This facial is rich in enzymes, which peels away dead skin, antioxidant and vitamins, which protects and treats the cells from environmental damage and pollutants, and natural oils, which deeply nourishes the skin. We use only natural ingredients with no harmful
preservatives or additives. There are three options for different skin types, relying on nature’s life-force to restore the equilibrium and deliver a vitamin and mineral burst to your skin.

  • Preserve a cleansing and rejuvenating facial for normal skin
  • Renew a fruit acid facial for treating environmentally damaged skin
  • Enrich a nourishing facial for dry or mature skin

Organic Facial by Pevonia Botanica – 60 minutes

A true balancing facial using pure organic aromatherapy elixirs & botanical active ingredients to purify, balance & renew the skin, leaving it more youthful, energised and regenerated.

  • Sevactive for dry skin – rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, and chamomile
  • Lavandou for sensitive skin – French rose, neroli, lavender, and chamomile
  • Fundamental for combination skin – sandalwood, mandarin, grapefruit, rosemary, lemongrass

Marine Collagen by Pevonia Botanica – 60 minutes

Anti-aging Therapy
Rich in concentrated collagen, this treatment rejuvenates the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin plump with radiant youthful glow.

Youthful Vitaminic by Pevonia Botanica – 60 minutes

Anti-aging Therapy
Silky micro-emulsified squalane oil combats excessive dryness, dehydration, and premature aging. The facial unities mandarin essential oil with anti-oxidant vitamins A and E. Perfect for very dry and dehydrated skin; visibly brightening and softening.



Sudajiva Signature Massage – 60 minutes

Surrender yourself to our divine signature massage, performed by two therapists working together in harmony, is a unique blend of five different massage styles – Shiatsu, Thai, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Swedish and Balinese.

Balinese Massage – 60 / 90 minutes

The traditional centuries-old Balinese Massage that has been passed down through many generations is a restoring and calming massage experience combining acupressure, skin rolling and relaxing strokes.

Ayurveda Bliss – 90 minutes

Be pampered from head to toe, inside and out. Enjoy full body massage using warm herbs infused with Ayurvedic oils chosen according to your dosha, then experience Shirodara therapy using warm medicated oils gently poured over the forehead, and scalp massage which in turn triggers healing, restores balanced health and calms the mind. The perfect treatment for jetlag, insomnia, fatigue, stress and stubborn headaches.

Hot Herbal Poultice Therapy – 60 / 90 minutes

This therapeutic massage begins with an application of warm oil specific to your dosha before your therapist applies warm herbal pouches to relax the muscle while stimulating circulation and energy flow. The combination of heat and herbs helps to reduce aches and pains, increase lymphatic drainage and condition the skin, leaving you fully refreshed and relaxed.

Jiva River Stone Massage – 60 / 90 minutes

A heated stone massage to relax and relieve stress, combining the healing power of touch with energy of the earth in relaxing, muscle-melting massage, with smooth, warmed stones gliding across your body in long, flowing strokes, The heated stones help to relax the muscles and soothe the mind. Stones are placed on various energy point to encourage the body’s healing potential.

Jetlag Anti-Stress Massage – 60 / 90 minutes

Relinquish all stress, and pamper yourself with this blissful massage, followed by an application of Moor Mud, a unique gift from Mother Nature with natural healing properties. Organic and mineral-rich, Moor Mud soothes muscle aches, stimulates the immune system and purifies the skin. Emerge deeply relaxed, revitalised and ready for all the experiences Bali has to offer.

Candlenut Massage – 60 minutes

This luxurious massage using freshly-grated candlenut relaxes the body, and exfoliates, nourishes and softens the skin at the same time.

Foot Reflexology – 60 minutes

This massage focuses entirely on the feet. The points in each foot that correspond to different body parts, organs, muscles and energy meridians are stimulated. Often quite an intense process, this technique relaxes the body deeply while restoring and balancing completely.

Body Scrub – 30 minutes

Body scrubs are a therapeutic exfoliating treatment for the skin, leaving the entire skin of the body glowing and healthy. A choice of scrubs is available to suit your mood and skin type.

  • Soothing Coconut Scrub Sea Salt Scrub – nourishes the skin. Recommended for dry skin & sensitive skin removes dead skin cell and eliminates toxin. Recommended for normal skin
  • Traditional Lulur – exfoliates and moisturises the skin, using age-old traditional recipe. Good for all skin types
  • Bali Kopi Scrub – exfoliates and revitalises the skin. Recommended for combination and oily skin

Body Wrap – 30 minutes

Body wraps are traditionally designed to stimulate your body’s immune system by way of detoxification, and improve blood circulation & hydration. Choices of wraps are available to meet your specific needs & skin conditions.

  • Balinese Boreh Body Wrap Waterlily Body Wrap – soothes body aches & pain, increases blood circulation rehydrates sun-exposed skin



Simply Rejuvenate – 90 minutes / 120 minutes (include your choice of bath)

Body Massage • Choice of Body Scrub/Body Wrap

Truly treat your hardworking muscles by combining the benefits of body exfoliation or body wrap with the hydrating and relaxing elements of body massage.

Sudajiva Bliss – 120 minutes

Balinese Massage • Traditional Facial

Indulge in the age-old tradition of Balinese Massage to relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation, and traditional facial to refine and refresh.

Exotic Kopi Bali Ritual – 120 minutes

Kopi Bali Scrub • Jiva River Stone Massage • Foot Massage

A true Balinese experience. Boost your energy and uplift your senses with the pure Kopi Bali scrub, before easing all tensions with our heated stone massage and a relaxing foot massage for an overall reviving ritual.

Signature Escape – 120 minutes

Sea Salt Scrub • Sudajiva Signature Massage • Purifying Refresher Facial

A true detox treat begins with a natural sea salt exfoliation to purify the skin. Followed by our signature massage performed by two therapists using aromatic blend oil and an energising facial for a total indulgence.

After Sun Delight – 120 minutes

Cleansing Ritual • Waterlily Body Wrap & Scalp Massage • Body Massage • Waterlily Refresher Facial

This holistic ritual for optimal renewal begins with a cleansing ritual, and continues with the cool waterlily wrap and scalp massage for total skin rejuvenation. Finally, enjoy a wonderfully soothing massage with waterlily hydrating facial. The ideal remedy for sunexposed skin to regain that healthy glow.

Lost in Paradise – 4 hour (exclude spa cuisine time)

Balinese Massage • Body Scrub • Bath • Purity Facial • Traditional Hair Creambath • Spa Cuisine Menu

Rediscover tranquility and, in turn, the centre of your being. A divine Balinese Massage is followed by your choice of body exfoliation and bath. Continue with a cleansing natural facial and traditional hair treatment. Complete the experience by enjoying a choice of spa cuisine, offering tasty healthy treats.



True Love – 90 minutes

Foot Bath • Body Massage • Choice of Bath

Jump on the love express with a relaxing foot bath and blissful body massage to relieve stress and tension. Finally, enjoy a romantic bath ritual of your choice to round of a welldeserved time off for you and your loved one.

Escape for Two – 150 minutes

Foot Bath • Balinese Massage • Foot Massage • Scrub • Flower Bath

In the name of love, take a deep breath and start to relax with a purifying foot bath and rebalance and re-charge with Balinese Massage to soothe the nervous system, calm the mind and relieve built up tension and stress. Afterwards, enjoy a deeply relaxing foot massage incorporating reflexology. Your body is then exfoliated with your choice of scrub to brighten, soften and purity the skin. Conclude with a romantic Sudamala Balinese flower bath with a glass of sparkling wine for the ultimate cherry on top for you and your loved one.




Manicure – 60 minutes

Pedicure – 60 minutes

French Manicure / Pedicure – 60 minutes



Traditional Hair Creambath – 60 minutes

Hair Wash • Scalp Massage with Nourishing Cream • Hot Towel Wrap • Neck, Shoulder & Arm massage • Hair Tonic

Strengthen and enhance the natural beauty of your hair with a personalised hair treatment. Our highly-trained therapists will be delighted to assist you in choosing the most suitable hair treatment based on your hair type and condition.

Choose one from our traditional selections of hair cream:

  • Alpukat (Avocado) nourishes dry hair
  • Lidah Buaya (Aloe Vera) cooling and enriches all hair types
  • Kemiri (Candlenut) helps restore shine and stimulates hair growth
  • Santan (Coconut Milk) prevents hair loss & moisturize
  • Wortel (Carrot) strengthens hair, silky & smooth hair texture
  • Daun Kembang Sepatu (Hibiscus Leaf) darkens your hair, soothes & cools it
  • Daun Mint (Mint Leaf) refreshes, anti-dandruff
  • Stroberi (Strawberries) moisturises and encourages shine



Relaxing Bubble Bath – 30 minutes

Rich in anti-oxidant, this bath hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. Its essential oil deeply moisturises for younger looking skin.

Romantic Sudamala Flower Bath – 30 minutes

Savour a blissful and relaxing romantic flower bath with drops of jasmine essential oil and exotic flower petals. Restore mind and body with this extravagant floral bath.

Lime & Sea Salt Detox Bath – 30 minutes

A detoxifying experience that will melt your stress away, relax your muscles and eliminate metabolism wastes. We combine mineral sea salt, lime and peppermint essential oils to deeply relax and refresh at the same time. One for our frequent flyers!