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Because Your Body Deserve It

從烏布皇宮往西步行約 15 分鐘,從猴林騎摩托車約 20 分鐘。靠近Camphan的Sri Ratih SPA 是放鬆身心和更深入了解您身體的理想場所。






Kusuma Massage – 60 / 90 min

Through the influence of ancient Indian and South East Asian medicinal philosophy, our massage encompasses a range of massage techniques including acupressure, the cat squeeze, palming and skin rolling. Combined with the application of aromatic essential oils, this massage will help improve your circulation & relieve muscle tension.

Aroma Massage – 60 / 90 min

Using the finest blend of pure aromatherapy oils, this soothing body massage can be customized to suit your individual health needs. Each oil we use possesses its own unique healing properties. The overall benefits include reducing stress, relaxation and returning balance and harmony to the body.
We offer a choice of aromatherapy oils :
Ylang-ylang : Suits normal to dry skin, helps to reduce stress and promotes relaxation.
Lavender : Good for skin infections, inflammation, muscle pain and relaxation.
Orange & Sandalwood : Aids in balancing stress, insomnia, and complaints of the nervous system.
Geranium : Helps in alleviating muscle tension and aids in blood circulation.

Tension Relief – 30 min

This Balinese-style massage focuses on all the common tension areas of the body and helps to alleviate stress amd soften and energize the body, promoting overall relaxation.

Reflexology – 60 min

This massage works to clear energy flow and restore balance to the body, based on the ancient healing principle that all organs are connected to reflex points on the feet. It is effective in reducing fluid retention, digestive issues and low energy. This massage will freshen and restore function to the body while promoting relaxation.

Reflexology with foot mask – extra cost

Rare Massage – 60 min



Shirodhara – 75 min

A form of Ayurveda therapy originationg from the Indian subcontinent in which heated essentials oils are gently poured over the forehead (the ‘third eye’). It is used to melt away tension, smooth out worry lines while fostering a tranquil state mind. Highly recommend for people with low energy levels, insomnia, those who suffer from chronic headaches, fatigues and stress.

Shirodhara with Hair Wash – 90 min

Shirodhara with Hair Wash & Cream Bath – 2.5 Hrs

Tibetan Singing Bowl – 60 min

An ancient theraphy from the mountains of Tibet that promotes healing through the use of sound and vibration. The treatment uses 4 different bowls working harmoniously to balance the chakras and strengthen the immune system. Sound healing is on effective and proven method to help reduce stress and create a deep sense of peace, well-being and better health through vibration.

Balinese Herbal Compress – 90 min

This therapeutic massage warms the body, reducing cold and flue symptoms and relieves muscle tension through the use of a warm herbal compress filled with natural ingredients which include a mix of fragrant Indonesian spices that penetrate the skin and stimulate the senses.

River Warm Stone – 90 min

Using specially selected smooth river stones and fragrant ginger oil, this full body massage improves blood circulation, warms the body, increases stamina, healing your body and soul.



(These treatment starts with a foot bath, followed by a Balinese massage and finish with your choice of scrub, followed by a cleansing shower)

Organic Coconut – 90 min

a heritage recipe from our ancient, we blend coconut flesh with rice to exfoliate dead skin cell and moisturize the skin.

Candle Nut – 90 min

highly recommended for dry skin.

Sunburn Remedy – 90 min

Cucumber blends with the organic rice to soothe the sunburn and freshen your body.

Caffeine Remedy – 90 min

We use Balinese coffee blend with the organic rice to tighten and brightening the skin.

Forever Young Remedy – 90 min

There a lot of strawberry benefit for your skin such as anti-aging, UV skin protection, no more oily skin and skin lightning.

Additional body polish with goat milk – with extra cost



(This treatment starts with a foot bath, followed by an Balinese massage, next a body wrap of your choice and finishes with the application of body lotion)

Balinese Boreh – 2 Hrs

Balinese beauty secrets. Sandalwood, clove, ginger, cinnamon, rice flour, warms the body, reduces muscle tension, and is good for treating cold & flu symptoms.

Fresh Papaya – 2 Hrs

Papaya is rich in enzymes, great for generating the growth of new skin cells. It nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and glowing. Candle nut is very moisturizing. This combination of products nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Large banana leaves are used to cover the body.

Mud – 2 Hrs

Mud is rich in mineral and vitamin, good for slim and tone the body, relax and soothe the muscles. This mud wrap are able to relieve tired and aching joints.

Volcanic – 2 Hrs

The nutrient-rich volcanic mud from the fertile mountains of Indonesia promises to soften the skin, reduce fine lines and clean the pores. Your refreshing treatment will finish with a bath.



Sport Manicure – 45 min

Manicure with Polish – 1 Hr

Manicure with OPI Polish – 1 Hr

Sport Pedicure – 45 min

Pedicure with Polish – 1 Hr

Pedicure with OPI Polish – 1 Hr

Traditional Pedi & Mani – 1.5 Hrs

Traditional Pedi & Mani with POLISH

Traditional Pedi & Mani with OPI POLISH



Natural Facial – 60 min

This facial ritual uses fresh and natural ingredients. The face is cleansed with yogurt and honey. Corn and grated candlenut for exfoliate the skin. The ritual continues with steaming towel followed by a natural fruity mask. This facial ritual includes a hand and arm massage allowing you to completely relax. Finished with Sensatia Face Hydrate.

Biokos Facial – 60 min

Facial skin care range for 30s to maintain elasticity and regenerist facial skin cells. Specially formulated with the active ingredient Bio-Aloe Vera Extract, Collagen, Protein and Pro-Vitamin B5 for nourish and glowing the skin.



Hair Mask – 60 min

This traditional treat features a shampoo followed by an intensely nourishing scalp massage with organic avocado & aloe vera cream. Warm steam maximizes the cream effect, accompanied by a balancing hand & shoulder massage. This treatment is very good for damage hair that had chemical process such as straightening, curling and coloring.

Hair Cream Bath – 60 min

This traditional treat features shampoo followed by nourishing scalp massage with organic cream. Warm steam maximizes the cream effect. This treatment is to maintain your hair healthy and shiny.

Hair Wash – 30 min

Fresh up your mind with refreshment shampoo and enjoy scalp massages following by toner for nourish the hair.



Romantic Strawberry – 2 Hrs

This treatment embodies the light and fresh aroma of strawberries. Starting with a foot bath ritual, you will then enjoy a Balinese massage followed by the application of a gorgeous strawberry body scrub and next a strawberry milk body wrap to moisture the skin. To finish, we prepare a fresh lemon milk bath and a delightful strawberry juice.

available : with wine – extra cost

Rama & Sitha – 2.5 Hrs

Indulge in pure romantic bliss. Be embraced by the warm and sweet aroma of chocolate as you relax and open up your heart to romance. Starting with foot bath ritual, following with Balinese Massage, the continue with coffee scrub to remove dead skin cell, after that your skin would be soothed by chocolate mask and finished with aromatherapy flower bath.

Ayurvedic Ritual – 5 Hrs

An ancient treatment Shirodhara to balance three element in our body and mind, following with hair cream bath to nourish your hair. There out to enjoy the scrumptious lunch over our cafe pond. The experience ends with manicure and pedicure session.

The Royal Ritual – 6 Hrs

An Tradition of Balinese people to rejuvenate the body, starting with foot bath ritual, you will then enjoy a Balinese massage followed by the application of a gorgeous coconut scrub and next a avocado body polish to soothe the skin, and refresh with flower bath. Enjoy a special two course light luch at Sri Ratih Cafe then continues the treatment with biokos facial to moisture your skin and next a creambath season to nourish your hair. Finished with sport manicure and pedicure.



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