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Rock Spa®

This is more than a spa. It’s an escape.

重新調整自己 – 尋求重置。通過一系列的特色護理和便利設施,振奮靈魂、放鬆心靈並震撼身體。

Rejuvenate your body and soul at the Rock Spa®

即使是最頑強的搖滾歌手也需要放鬆一下。Hard Rock Hotel Bali的Rock Spa毗鄰海洋,提供各種身體療法和護理,恢復和平衡頭腦、身體和靈魂,以應對未來漫長夜晚的挑戰。

Rock Spa®不僅僅是一個SPA中心。一種不同的存在狀態。一次逃離。尋求推動重置。這是一個恢復區。這是一個毫無歉意的放縱的變革領域。時間帶你回到你曾經屬於的地方。被寵愛是最高的美德。通過一系列的特色護理和便利設施,振奮靈魂、放鬆心靈並震撼身體。



Rhythm and motion

SYNCHRONICITY – 50 / 80 minutes

Utilizing greatest hits from yesterday to today, the treatment taps into memories to create an experiential journey, in sync with a performance of techniques, pressure and rhythm. The massage is infused with a choice of natural organic essential oils to reduce stress, ease muscle tension, and detoxify.



HARD ROCK MASSAGE – 60 / 90 minutes

Feel totally revved and ready to rock after our signature massage. A fusion of global massage styles including delicious ear reflexology, to get the blood pumping, purge impurities and deliver you with a renewed state of mind.


Turn back the hands of time and experience the ancient healing techniques of Bali. It’s survived this long so it must be good. Utilizing flowing, strokes, palm and thumb pressure to lull you into a wonderful state of tranquility. Guaranteed to put the grove back in your step.

RETUNE YOURSELF – 60 / 90 minutes

Feel the beat with this acoustic and vibratory sensation. Artfully combining Lomi Lomi massage techniques with the Suzu Gong. By holding the gong above or directly on top of the body we release energy blocks and achieve mind, body harmony. This session is complimented by the resonating sounds of Tibet.

RHYTHM STICKS – 60 / 90 minutes

Misbehaving muscles beware; this massage uses bamboo rods of various sizes to destroy knots and eliminate built up tension. Rhythm Sticks combines the traditional benefits of massage and comforting heat through warmed oils. The perfect treat after a big night.


The herbal poultice treatment is inspired in a Thailand’s tradition utilizing warmed poultices of herbs and spices that are steamed and applied directly to the body. The steam heating allows the natural essential oils and aromas of the herbs and spices to be released and provides the healing properties to the entire body, relaxing the muscles while stimulates blood circulation and energy flow.

TUINA (Dry Massage) – 60 / 90 minutes

This fully-cloth treatment is a combination of Shiatsu and dry acupressure massage, working along meridians throughout the body, using stretches, pressure points, and joint rotations, to balance the body’s vital energy.


WRAP ME-UP – 90 minute

Wonderful combination of a relaxing massage and a body scrub to regenerate, oxygenate and deeply balance your skin. Ideal for mature skin, thus counteracting signs of age.

SOFTLY DOES IT – 30 minutes

Remove dead cells, after this treatment your skin will look smoother and feel softer. It is recommended before sun exposure to achieve an even tan.


SOLE REVIVAL – 60 minutes

Not your standard foot massage, at Rock Spa we deliver bliss to your feet through dedicated zone therapy incorporated with bamboo rod techniques and heated compresses. Get your dancing shoes ready.

BRIEF ENCOUNTER – 45 minutes

If you are strapped for time, a little indulgence is better than none at all. Designed to de-stress taut and tired shoulders and backs, this treatment may be short on time but it packs a powerful dose of healing energy.


MANICURE – 60 minutes

For perfectly presentable paws our manicure includes cleansing, shaping, hand care and color.

PEDICURE – 60 minutes

Put your best foot forward, this full service pedi includes cleansing, shaping, foot care and color.


A quick fix to your fingernails that includes cutting and shaping. With nail color.


A quick fix to your toenails that includes cutting and shaping. With nail color.


You can wave goodbye to chipped nails with a gel polish! Express nail gel polish for finger or toe nails.


Your nails have grown out and you will start to notice. This is time to say good bye to your nail gel.


Rock Spa® Etiquette

HEALTH – 在預約SPA療程時,請告知任何可能影響現正治療的健康狀況、過敏或受傷。

PREGNANCY – 若有孕在身請通知並讓SPA接待處的治療師選擇合適的治療提供建議。

ARRIVE – 建議在預約時間前至少30分鐘加入Rock Spa,有足夠時間換上長袍並使用蒸汽休息室並放鬆身心。抵達時將提供浴袍、拖鞋和儲物櫃。如果願意,可以在治療期間穿著內衣。所有治療師都熟練掌握適當的懸垂程序,確保完全舒適和隱私。如果治療師在任何時候覺得來訪者行為不當,有權立即停止治療。禁止將手機、傳呼機、珠寶或貴重物品帶入Rock Spa。

RESERVATIONS – 16歲以下的兒童必須在治療期間與父母或監護人一起安排SPA預約。

FEES & GRATUITY  – 所有SPA護理包括使用設施、浴袍、拖鞋和儲物櫃。為了方便,政府稅和服務費將被添加到治療費用中。服務可能會在客房內收費。接受現金和所有主要信用卡。

CANCELATIONS – 如果需要更改預約,要求提前5小時通知。取消或未出現的費用將按治療價格的50%收取。


Add :  JL Pantai, Banjar Pande Mas, Kuta – Bali, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
Tel :  0361-761869
營業時間 : 10:00-19:00 (Last appointment is at 6 pm for a 1-hour treatment)