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歡迎來到Lily Treatment 的Nusa Dua Spa中心,這是Nusa Dua最好的Spa中心之一,在Tripadvisor上得到了推薦。一個身心恢復與平衡的地方,便宜的價格,一流的治療,乾淨的帶空調的私人房間和友好的工作人員,具有峇里島式的高標準款待。訓練有素的團隊隨時提供幫助,實現個人健康目標和需求。 提供各種呵護身體護理和驚人的美容護理。

Nusa Dua Spa中心通過按摩幫助人們獲得非常有益和充實的體驗,堅信定期按摩是保持健康的絕佳方式之一。 因此,培訓員工幫助更多有各種問題需要真正鍛煉的人,例如疲勞、肌肉僵硬、坐骨神經痛、呼吸淺、情緒和壓力大、血壓受阻等等。





Balinese Massage – 60 min

A deep tissue massage that employs age-old Balinese techniques to relieve even the most stubborn knots in your body.

Deep Relaxation Massage – 75 min

Massage with aromatherapy herbal balm to calm your spirit, using a combination of Balinese long strokes and Hawaiian lomi-lomi technique to eliminate stress and increase lymphatic drainage.

Shiatsu Massage – 60 min

Shiatsu is perfectly designed for guest who shy away from using massage oils during their treatments. Asia most famous form of therapeutic bodywork, Shiatsu is a non-oil massage, which uses the varied techniques of kneading, tapping and stretching to relieve stress, stimulate the nervous system, aid digestion, and reduce muscle stiffness.

Foot Massage – 30 min / 60 min

An ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Indian therapy focusing on reflex points in the feet to improve blood circulation and promote a long and healthy life.

Lava Stone Reflexology – 90 min

Not to be miss is Lily signature Lava Stone Reflexology treatment or well known as “Hot Stone Massage”. Your experience begins with a ceremonial foot bath followed by an energizing leg massage and therapeutic foot reflexology with a custom set of Lava stone from the mountain. To complete your treatment a deeply relaxing hand, arm, next and shoulder massage will release the burdens of everyday living and brighten your mood.

Lily Fusion – 90 min

Steamed herbal pouches containing Lily’s fresh herbal blend of three healing gingers reputed for their healing and rejuvenating properties are used to relax tight muscles making way for the long, flowing, deep tissue strokes, acupressure and gentle stretching techniques that follow.

Back, Neck and shoulder Massage – 45 min

Ideally suited for those who spend long hours sitting at computer screens and desk.

Aromatherapy Massage – 75 min

Deep Tissue Massage – 75 min

This deeply relaxing, 75 minutes massage features all of the benefits you desire from a beautifying body treatment including slimming, detoxification, stress release, and cellular rejuvenation, Your therapist combines the strategic acupressure points with long firm strokes to encourage full body healing from the base of your skull and along your spine to deep within your hip muscles and down to bottom of your feet.


Romantic Couple Package – 2 hrs 30 min

This impossibly romantic experience is suit for “Just Married couple “ or you who want celebrate your Love with your partner. It will surely deepen your love even further. Start with a soothing foot wash to revive tired feet and prepare you for Relaxation Balinese full body massage. Treatment continued by a choice of full body scrub to remove dead skin or body mask to restore youthful shine. This is followed by amazing flower bath experience. Treatment end by a choice of facial, leaving you calm and peaceful. All while you are lying side by side, gazing into each other’s eyes or simply drifting off in a state of pure blissful love. • Thalasso foot wash • Relaxation Full Body Massage • Body Scrub or Mask • Flower bath • Facial treatment of your choice.

Lily Japanese Lulur – 2 hrs

Thalasso foot wash – Balinese Massage – Lulur Scrub – Yogurt Moisturizer – Flower bath Lulur is a body scrub was originally part of the pre-wedding ritual for Javanese princesses, to ensure they were at their most beautiful on their wedding day. The scrub paste is made from very fine rice powder, tumeric powder and other natural spices. It is suitable for any skin type and Lulur treatment is good for removes dead  skin cells. Natural yogurt is used to remove the scrub, leaving skin smooth and silky. The treatment began with Thalaso foot wash and blissful Balinese massage and ending with a flower bath, to leave you feeling 100% the royal highness.

Back to Nature – 120 min

Aromatic Massage and Signature Lily Facial. 60 minutes Aromatic petal Massage, and 60 minutes Signature Facial, treat your delicate skin with the natural touch it deserves. Our 120 minutes Back to Nature full body and signature facial treatment is exclusively design for you to experience the Bali’s Nature. Inspired by the spa focus on holistic beauty and wellness. Your body is renewed with a youthful glow after a relaxing and healing an hour Aromatic Petal Massage. To ensure you look and feel your best while on holiday, our an hour Signature Facial utilizes pure botanical ingredients.

Bali’s Heritage, Balinese Boreh – 90 min

This splendid 90 minutes treatment showcases the powerful and exotic ingredients of Bali’s island lifestyle. A relaxing Balinese massage continues to moisturize, re-invigorate circulation and promote a delicious sense of well-being through gentle detoxification. After full body massage, our hand-crafted scrub softens and nourishes skin with rice powder, sandalwood, and cananga flowers, which yield a highly fragrant essential oil.




Skin Cleaning Facial – 50 min

A throughly cleansing facial that removes toxins, revive tired skin and leaves you with an inner glow of wellbeing.

Lily Facial – 1 hr

A refreshing, organic and all-natural facial using natures best ingredients.

Anti-aging Facial – 75 min

Ultra nourishing trace element soften, tone, contourand energize skin maximum suppleness and beauty.



Add : Jl, Maingate ITDC, Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai, Benoa, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali

Tel : 0878-64272239


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