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Mekar Ubud Jungle Spa Bali@Kclub Ubud 09:00-21:00   OK

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Happiness in Bali begins here….

邀請您進入一個和平與和諧的世界,體驗一系列以結果為導向的、地道的從農場到SPA中心的護理,這些護理受到當地健康和福祉儀式的啟發。經驗豐富的理療師將熟練的技術和直觀的觸覺相結合,進行精心策劃的治療,以您的放鬆為出發點,確保您在離開時感覺煥然一新,充滿靈感。 每位客人都被全面看待,考慮到身體、情感和心理健康。發現有機放縱和慷慨的避風港,讓自己沉浸在一個幸福、放鬆和滿足的世界中,在那裡精神得到提升。

About Us

經驗豐富的理療師將熟練的技術和直觀的觸覺相結合,進行精心策劃的治療,以您的放鬆為出發點,確保您在離開時感覺煥然一新,充滿靈感。 每位客人都被全面看待,考慮到身體、情感和心理健康。發現有機放縱和慷慨的避風港,讓自己沉浸在一個幸福、放鬆和滿足的世界中,在那裡精神得到提升,追求幸福和平衡是菜單上的唯一選擇。

位在Kclub Ubud的Mekar致力於提供最令人振奮的美麗體驗,所有的油性乳液和草藥混合物均採用天然成分,為每次治療做好準備,為單身人士、情侶和家庭等人士打造真正獨特且量身定制的計劃。


Add : Jl. Raya Cebok, Kedisan, Kec. Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561

Tel : 0817-0288 899  /  0818-02 18 58 88

營業時間 : 09:00-21:00


Our Treatments –

Welcome Ceremony

每次治療都從深度放鬆、富含礦物質的足部護理開始。 這也具有象徵意義,一種謙遜的服務行為,可以培養信任,幫助客人充分受益於隨後的治療。


Welcome Ceremony Infusion made with Roses and Balinese Flowers.


Welcome Ceremony Infusion made with Eucalyptus and fresh Mint.

我們的情侶繭房和SPA室提供音樂或引導冥想的選擇。客人可以在接受SPA護理之前和/或之後淋浴。 每次治療結束時,都會從我們的風味品嚐菜單中挑選出最合適的輸液。

Signature Massage

Mekar最擅長的專長是致力於讓身體蓬勃發展。SPA治療師運用精確的動作和極高的感官敏銳度來緩解緊張、排出組織和釋放情緒。 為肌膚和感官帶來純粹的幸福時刻。

Bali Harmony – 60 min / 90 min

Rediscover harmony of body and mind by absolutely letting go thanks to this holistic oil massage. Applying slow enveloping motions inspired by Balinese massage techniques, including acupressure, skin rolling and flickering, firm and gentle stroking, percussion, and applications of traditional essential oils. A multi-sensory journey that frees the emotions.

Aromatic Candle – 60 min /90 min

Our selection of signature aromatic candles works as a massage oil and moisturising lotion at the same time. These are special candles purpose-made to deliver the aroma, with love temperature melting and moisturising qualities that offer anti aging properties and health benefits for the skin. The treatment soothes and nourishes your senses, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated, while also leaving your skin soft, supple, and glowing, and your hands and feet truly soft.

Elevate – 60 min / 90 min

The deep, pricese motions and applications of energising essential oils work to tone the tissues, relieve tension and release energy. The body is deeply regenerated and detoxified, surrendering to a feeling of incomparable lightness. The body is reinvigorated, in top shape, and full of energy.

Deep Tissue by Makar – 90 min

Tension is released and the body is given a feeling of freedom through an extremely vigorous muscle massage using magnesium oil which drains the tissues and relieves soreness. The ideal treatment before or after a workout.

Lymphatic Drainage – 60 min / 90 min

A lymphatic drainage massage involves a gentle, rhythmic massage treatment, and applications of lymphatic drainage oils carried out by our specially trained massage therapist. Promotion of lymph fluid circulation over the body is the primary goal of this technique, which can fire up the disposal of wastes and toxins. The massage can be performed with deep pressure in the Chinese style, or lighter pressure as with Western technique.

Hot Stone Massage – 90 min

A holistic experience combining the benefits of warm volcanic stone with therapeutic oils to deliver ultimate relaxation for tight and tired muscles. During a hot stone massage, heated stones may be placed along your spine, on your stomach, chest, face, palms, feet, and toes. Heated massage stones enhance the effectiveness of classic massage moves to stimulate blood flow and induce profound muscular relaxation.

Herbal Revival – 90 min

A traditional Balinese healing massage treatment utilising poultices made of local herbs to calm the nerves and rebalance energy levels to positively promote circulation and good health. It aims to soothe muscle tension and stiffness in targeted areas, stimulate blood circulation and detoxify the body. Heat and herbs are absorbed by the body to help reduce aches and pains, increase lymphatic drainage and tone the skin.

Bamboo Massage – 90 min

The bamboo cane replaces the therapist’s hands, and it is used to give a deep, firm massage. Similar to a sports massage, the muscle is then kneaded, which assists in the release of tension and easing of knots. This is an all body treatment, so expect to be bambooed from top to bottom.

Balinese Four Hands – 90 min

Lose yourself in the rhythm of gentle strokes, kneading, and pressure points as two therapists work simultaneously to relieve your body of the most dep seated tension. During this customised full body massage the therapists work in tandem one on your upper body, the other on your lower body. This cadenced massage collaboration envelops the whole body, calming the mind and intensely relaxing the body.

Reflexology – 60 min

The ancient art of healing and wellbeing, connecting and balancing the body’s energy channels by stimulating the reflex points on your feet.


Organic Exfoliation & Wrapping Body Polish

Beauty Revealing Scrub – 30 min

The skin is soft as velvet, smooth and hydrated thanks to Mekar’s customised sugar scrub. The treatment ends with wrapping and draining motions. A moment of pure happiness for the skin.

Detoxifying Spirulina wrap – 30 min

A detoxifying, slimming, and energy boosting treatment with an exfoliation to boost circulation and a wrap with seaweed extracts to eliminate toxins. Perfect after a long trip and essential to support a detox or weight program.

Brightening Lulur or Warming Boreh – 30 min

A naturally brightening body exfoliation is applied using Balinese ground rice and fragrant spices roots, before being enveloped with a luxurious mixture of yoghurt, ginger and spirulina, which are soothing, nurturing and brightening to the skin.

Coco Rehydration – 30 min

This rehydration treatment starts with shredded Coconut and Papaya exfoliation. Papaya contains certain enzymes, biochemically known as papain, which softens and revitalises the skin. A relaxing ahead massage is performed while the papain works to rehydrate the skin.