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Udaya Resorts & Spa展示了Ubud屢獲殊榮的最佳Spa中心Kaveri Spa,提供無可挑剔的放鬆體驗。 憑藉廣泛的傳統Spa護理和同樣令人眼花繚亂的美景,Kaveri Spa中心提供獨一無二的水療體驗。



Kaveri Spa 的獨家Spa產品系列中使用天然成分。每一款產品都含有奢華的初榨椰子油。經驗豐富的治療師團隊將確保治療和完全放鬆。 從男士和女士護理療程中進行選擇,其中包括煥活面部護理、傳統身體磨砂和按摩,也可以根據需求進行個性化的水療套餐。




讓自己進入放鬆之旅,釋放疲勞。 在繼續峇里島探索之旅之前,認證的治療師所提供的舒緩按摩是讓您精力充沛的最佳方式。 擺脫喧囂,找到內心深處的力量。

Deep Tissue Massage – 90 min

When your tight muscles are asking for some remedy, a muscle-relieving Deep Tissue Massage should be the medicine. Treat your tensed body with a massage that focuses on meridian points and muscles grouping by well-thought movements of palm, elbow, forearm, perfectly paired with soothing stretching and long strokes along the body line.

Foot Reflexology – 60 min

Your body does the wonder of having these reflexology points on the feet that connects to the organs of other body parts. Through this reflexology session, you will get your points stimulated to improve other organs, work on the imbalances, and have your body repaired. The massage is especially effective after a long, tiring activity.

Traditional Balinese Massage – 60 min

Bring yourself closer to relaxation in the most Balinese way. Traditional touches with combined techniques of stretching, kneading, sliding, and pressure points will bring relief to your tensed muscle and leave you breathing loosely. A truly great method to cure your muscle pains and sleeping disorder with the local’s way.

Kaveri Royal Massage – 90 min

A great massage is all about composed relaxation, the essential we believed when we crafted Kaveri Royal Massage techniques. Mainly consists of soothing gentle strokes, this massage serves lighter pressure done with purest essential oils in a hope of thorough physical and mental healing. This is undoubtedly something you can seek for holistic leisure.

Neck and Shoulder Massage – 30 min

Stiffness in the neck and shoulder area from constant activity and movement can be released with a soothing Neck & Shoulder Massage. It is combined with traditional massage of unwinding stroke to release the stress and tension on the specific points. It is also found to work on the back muscle, especially if it is sore.

Hot Stone Massage – 90 min

Heated smooth-textured stones placed on your specific body points is the key to this massage session. Expect to have your blood circulation increased, flexibility improved and totally loosening as the body is treated with a deep massage that goes along the way. You will leave your session with nothing but a contented joy of a relaxed body.




Green Tea Scrub and Mask – 45 min

One of the greatest sources of antioxidant is known to be green tea, which is why we believe this nature given ingredient should be an option for your body scrub and mask session. The leaf extract will bring countless benefits to your skin, especially in soothing the acne, skin-brightening, and calming the skin thoroughly.

Strawberry Scrub and Mask – 45 min

Strawberries are rich with Vitamin C and anti-oxidant which benefit best to everyone’s skin, including yours. This scrub and mask are infused with strawberry extract to nourish your skin and deep cleanse it to the pores, leaving your skin glowed up. After a session of some strawberries delight, have your day brightened up very instantly.

Aloe Vera Scrub and Mask – 45 min

Aloe vera can be a very great source of vitamins to your skin, especially in moisturizing the skin to stimulate ideal elasticity. It also helps to soothe your skin surface and gives it a healthy glow from the outside, since the ingredient is rich with Vitamin A and C. Give it a go and see how it benefits your skin in many ways.

Mango Scrub and Mask – 45 min

The sweet tropical fruit has a very great, refreshing scent and even greater vitamins for you. It contains numerous vitamins like Vitamin A, C, E, and K that works mainly to nourish and brighten the skin. The scrub will help to cleanse the skin deeply to allow the vitamin-rich mask to invigorate the skin layers.



與峇里島的晴天交朋友,享受呵護服務,讓自己煥然一新。花一些時間讓自己從頭到腳恢復活力。Kaveri Spa中心提供面部或指甲護理選擇。

Manicure – 60 min

Hands are meant to be taken care of with a manicure session that starts with a warm hand bath which is a mixture of water, rock, salt, and sliced limes to sanitize your palm and fingers. Next is to proceed with care for your nails with nail sculpting, trimming, cuticle treatment, hand scrub, and hand massage. To perfect it, polish your nails with some beautiful color.

Pedicure – 60 min

Pamper yourself with a pedicure session that starts with a warm hand bath which is a mixture of water, rock, salt, and sliced limes to sanitize your palm and fingers. Next is to proceed with care for your nails with nail sculpting, trimming, cuticle treatment, hand scrub, and hand massage. To perfect it, polish your nails with some beautiful color.



一個完整的療程,為整個身體和靈魂注入活力,釋放所有壓力。 選擇最佳護理組合,包括面部、身體磨砂和裹敷,以及特色按摩。 也有個人或情侶套餐可供選擇。

Relaxing Royal Couple – 120 min

Relaxing is the initial purpose of this royal treatment that begins with Traditional Balinese Massage, offering a holistic experience for both your mind and physical conditions. Aside from massage, body scrub and body mask sessions are included to vitalize the skin cells before you end the treatment with choice of a milk bath.

Kaveri Signature Couple – 120 min

The signature package consists of a thorough Traditional Balinese Massage to begin your couple session. After a relaxing massage, your skin will be taken care of with a benefit-rich chocolate body mask which is known for the antioxidant source. At the end of the session, you and your loved one will have a quality 45 minutes of romantic Celebration of Flowers.

Kaveri Indulgent – 150 min

Recharge your body, mind, and soul with Kaveri Indulgent that starts with a great full-body Kaveri Royal Massage which works best for relaxation. Body Scrub and Body Mask are the next steps to cleanse and nourish your skin with several choices of a calming scent. You will finish the treatments with an exotic bath of flower petals.

Kaveri Rejuvenating Couple – 120 min

Heal your tired body after a long trip with Kaveri Rejuvenating Couple package that starts with the great Traditional Balinese Massage. When your body already gets taken care of, you will proceed to nourish the face with a beneficial Traditional Facial and calm your soul with Bali’s iconic bath of flower petals as the closure.

Balinese Package – 150 min

A rejuvenating treatment package that works to maximize your skin conditions after having fun under Bali’s bright sky. This package consists of Traditional Balinese Massage to treat your tight muscles from all the activity, body scrub and body mask to soothe the skin and a Vitamin C rich Citrus Bath to complete the skin-nourishing treatment.

Strawberry Package – 120 min

The sweet scent of strawberry and all its benefit could be your remedy after a long day trip in Bali. Starting with a full body massage, your body will be cleansed and coated thoroughly in strawberry scrub and mask. It will leave a sweet, refreshing scent and lift up your mood for the rest of the trip, or even longer. When every steps is done, you can finish up with a flower petals galore to perfect the day.

Pampering Package – 150 min

Give yourself some time to have an authentic self-pampering journey with Pampering Package. Begin with a full-body Traditional Balinese Massage to loosen up the tense and continue with Traditional Facial to freshen up your face skin with some nourishing natural goodness. To end the pampering ritual, it is only right to have the exotic Celebration of Flowers for the best Kaveri Spa’s experience.



如果沒有讓自己沉浸在充滿異國情調的鮮花或新鮮柑橘浴中,就不完整。為了方便客人, Kaveri Spa中心提供特色浴池。 Celebration of Flowers 以其獨特的裝飾花浴而聞名。 同時,柑橘沐浴露在清潔皮膚方面發揮著重要作用。 不管怎樣,任何選擇都不會錯。

Celebration of Flowers – 45 min

Named as our signature decorated flower bath, Celebration of Flowers was beautifully established and became everyone’s heart in an instant. This famous bath will give you a true experience of royalty, bathed in fully decorated colorful flowers to soothe your mind and soul especially by the beauty it holds within. It is perfect to complete your true Balinese experience for a lifetime memory.

Citrus Bath – 45 min

The refreshing bath of citrus is just a perfect pair to the sunny and exotic Bali island. Rejuvenating essences of lemon, orange, and orange leaves will escalate the skin cells and work on perfecting your skin. Using milk as a mixture for the bath base, you will also find your skin supple and soft enough to brighten up your mood. This is just too perfect for your daily Vitamin C intake.

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