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讓身心煥發活力,在Samabe的Galangal SPA中心找到平衡。兩間SPA室位於大堂旁邊的大樓內。Galangal SPA提供多種理療和按摩服務以滿足需求。治療後,在裝滿花瓣的室外下沉式浴缸中放鬆身心。熏香棒和浴缸旁點燃的香薰蠟燭有助於撫慰心靈。SPA療養計劃提供有機果汁或涼茶。 讓SPA室保持良好的精神狀態。
在Galangan SPA中心,身心將通過根據您的需求量身定制的理療和按摩來恢復活力。治療後,在鋪滿花瓣的露天浴池中放鬆身心,並在浴缸中加入熏香和香薰蠟燭,有助於舒緩身心。還可以享用SPA計劃中包含的有機果汁或涼茶。可以在大堂區旁邊找到2間SPA室。
Location : next to lobby area
Hours of operation : 10:00 – 21:00
No. of treatment rooms : 2


有興趣者可洽 Casa Chen 0932-043913, mail to


Add : Jl. Pura Barong – Barong Sawangan, South Nusa Dua, Benoa, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali 80363

Tel :  0361-8468633

營業時間 : 10:00 – 21:00


SPA MENU: galangal-spa-menu

  • GALANGAL SIGNATURE MASSAGE – 60 minutes OR 90 minutes
    Our signature massage will be performed by two therapists working together to give you a unique experience. The immediate benefit
    of this treatment is relaxation, including lowering your stress level. Foot bath ritual – Galangal signature massage – Refreshment
  • BALINESE MASSAGE – 60 minutes OR 90 minutes
    Balinese massage will help you energize the body, relieve fatigue, body pain, sleep problem and anxiety. This therapy involves the use of long strokes, aromatherapy and acupressure as a total package. Footbath ritual – Balinese Massage – Refreshment
  • GALANGAL FUSION MASSAGE THERAPY – 60 minutes OR 90 minutes
    Enter a zone of bliss as waves of energy wash your stress away by enjoying our combined techniques of Shiatsu, Swedish and some stretching, with deep relaxation pressure to relieve tight muscles. The therapy will rejuvenate and stimulate your body’s energy flow. Foot bath ritual – Galangal Fusion Massage Therapy – Refreshment
  • NOURISHING AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE – 60 minutes OR 90 minutes
    Aromatherapy Massage techniques involve the use of gentle and wide strokes and blending the sense of touch with smell. Aromatherapy Massage is a therapy that relaxes and rejuvenates the mind and body through the touches and selected aromatic oils. Footbath ritual – Nourishing Aromatherapy Massage – Refreshment
  • SWEDISH MASSAGE – 60 minutes OR 90 minutes
    This originally European Swedish Massage is a deep tissue massage for relieving muscular tension, improving the circulation, and stimulating nervous system. Footbath ritual – Swedish massage – Refreshment
  • TRADITIONAL JAPANESE SHIATSU – 60 minutes OR 90 minutes
    It’s a dry massage – a combination between pressure points, knuckle and palm pressure, to relieve tension and refresh the body. Footbath ritual – Traditional Japanese Shiatsu – Refreshment
  • AYUVERDIC MASSAGE – 60 minutes OR 90 minutes
    The traditional Indian massage has a balancing effect on all three doshas or body types and also helps to remove toxins and increase energy. The combined use of warm herbal oil and massage technique helps regulate the circulatory and nervous system of the body. Footbath ritual – Ayurvedic Massage – Refreshment
  • HERBAL MASSAGE – 60 minutes OR 90 minutes
    Created from Thai’s healing tradition, this massage will stimulate blood circulation and soothe tensed muscles and joints. Herbal
    massage is a combination of Balinese massage and warm herbal ball acupressure. Foot bath ritual – Herbal Massage – Refreshment
  • WARM STONE MASSAGE – 60 minutes OR 90 minutes
    It is an ancient kind of healing by use of smooth heated stones during a massage session. Placement of hot stones on parts of body helps release tight muscles. It’s relaxing effect brings mental and spiritual wellness; helps create good circulation; and soothe the mind. Footbath ritual – Warm Stone Massage – Refreshment
  • SHIRODHARA – 60 minutes OR 90 minutes
    Soothe your mind and achieve balanced composure with our Shirodhara treatment. The unique treatment begins with Ayurvedic massage and followed by pouring ointment oil on the forehead. Footbath ritual – Shirodhara – Refreshment
    Back massage can help relieve lower back pain, prevent anxiety and depression after a strenuous workout or sitting at a desk all day. Anti-stress Back Massage – Refreshment
  • FOOT THERAPY – 60 minutes
    This treatment includes leg & reflexology with skillful acupressure point to stimulate blood circulation. Footbath ritual – Foot massage – Refreshment
    It is a wonderful way to ease shoulder and neck tension as well as stiffness. This massage can help relieve stress, insomnia, and headaches and at the same time improve blood circulation. Scalp, Neck & shoulder massage – Refreshment


  • SIGNATURE FACIAL – 60 minutes
    A gentle, calming and effective facial to deeply hydrate and nourish all skin types, using botanical extracts. This treatment includes head, neck & shoulders massage. Signature Facial – Refreshment
  • PEDICURE – 60 minutes
    Give your feet a special care with our traditional pedicure and foot massage that will leave your feet smooth and healthy. Nail polish application included. Pedicure – Refreshment
  • MANICURE – 60 minutes
    Care for your hands with all aspects of traditional manicure to leave them soft, smooth and beautiful. Nail polish application included. Manicure – Refreshment


去角質Exfoliating和清潔皮膚,去除毒素 remove toxins和死皮和暗沉dead and dull,促進血液循環,幫助皮膚再生

  • JAVANESE LULUR – 75 minutes
    One of the great secrets of the Javanese Royalty is ‘lulur’, the luxurious body scrub believed to be one of the nature’s best exfoliating methods. This ritual has been used by ladies of Javanese royal families for centuries. Traditionally it was given to brides-to-be on their wedding day to cleanse, smooth, soften, and rejuvenate their skin. This healing art works well in eliminating dead skin cells. Sauna – Javanese lulur – Shower – Moisturizer – Refreshment
  • GREEN TEA SCRUB – 75 minutes
    Green tea scrub helps smoothen your skin, reduce redness, also prevent further skin breakouts and leaves your skin radiant and glowing. Sauna – Green tea scrub – Shower – Moisturizer – Refreshment
  • COCONUT SCRUB – 75 minutes
    Rich of vitamins & antioxidants, coconut cells remove dead cells and strengthen new skin to leave it feeling completely clear and smooth. Sauna – Coconut scrub – Shower – Moisturizer – Refreshment
  • COFFEE SCRUB – 75 minutes
    This scrub is an aromatic blend of coffee to help refresh tired muscles and invigorate spirit; and provide deep skin exfoliation that leaves the skin fragrant. Sauna – Coffee scrub – Shower – Moisturizer – Refreshment
  • SEA SALT SCRUB – 75 minutes
    Sea salt scrub is good for very sensitive skin, strengthening the skin tissue and leaving skin healthy. Sauna – Sea salt scrub – Shower – Moisturizer – Refreshment



  • BOREH BODY MASK – 75 minutes
    Boreh’ is a traditional Balinese spice body mask which has been used by Balinese people who live in villages since long time ago. Boreh’ is used to warm the body, improve blood circulation, relieve muscular aches and pains, prevent rheumatism and alleviate fever and flu. Sauna – Boreh body mask – Shower – Moisturizer – Refreshment
  • SEAWEED BODY WRAP – 75 minutes
    A cooling seaweed body treatment provides a gentle and therapeutic detoxification, improves body complexion, as well as reduces cellulite. Sauna – Seaweed wrap – Shower – Moisturizer – Refreshment
  • GREEN TEA BODY WRAP – 75 minutes
    Your skin will deeply absorb rich nutrients of green tea that promotes healing and protects from irritation. Sauna – green tea wrap – Shower – Moisturizer – Refreshment
  • COCONUT MASK – 75 minutes
    Best of natural coconut wrap helps heal skin damage and protects your skin from further damage caused by the sun and other harsh environmental factors. Recommend for dry skin. Sauna – Coconut mask – Shower – Moisturizer – Refreshment
  • COFFEE MASK – 75 minutes
    It has the ability to mend broken skin, soothe irritation, and revitalize cells. Sauna – Coffee mask – Shower – Moisturizer – Refreshment
    This is specially recommended after sunbathing to reduce redness and cooling the body by applying aloe vera gel with a gentle stroke. This treatment will be followed by head and foot massage while waiting the aloe vera gel absorbed in your skin. Aloevera after sun treatment – Refreshment



  • ROYAL JAVANESE LULUR PACKAGE – 120 minutes (single or couple)
    This traditional beauty ritual will bring a beautiful glow to your skin as well as relieve tension, and improve blood circulation. You will feel completely refreshed at the end of this traditional beauty ritual treatment. Floral footbath ritual – Sauna – Javanese lulur – Yogurt – Shower – Balinese massage – Refreshment
  • GREEN TEA PURIFICATION – 150 minutes (single or couple)
    The package of green tea and aromatherapy massage is amazing healing from skin dehydration. It stimulates nervous system, improves blood circulation and prevent skin cancer. Floral footbath ritual – Sauna – Green tea scrub – Shower – Green tea wrap – Shower – nourishing aromatherapy massage – Refreshment
  • HONEYMOON INDULGENCE – 190 minutes (couple)
    Especially create to share your love with your beloved. Enjoy indulgent treatment side by side and discover intimacy together. Floral footbath ritual – Sauna – Choice of body wrap – Shower – Ayurvedic massage – Signature facial – Aromatherapy bath – Refreshment
  • BALINESE JOURNEY – 175 minutes (single or couple)
    Start your journey with our traditional Balinese treatment by boreh scrub and boreh mask to warm your body, followed by herbal massage to improve blood circulation, prevent rheumatism, and relieve muscle tension. The journey ends with herbal bath. Floral footbath ritual – Sauna – Boreh scrub – Shower – Boreh wrap – Shower – Herbal massage – Herbal bath – Refreshment
  • ROYAL SAMABE SIGNATURE – 180 minutes (single)
    The Royal Samabe Signature begins with your choice of body scrub to remove dead skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth. Then, choose body massage to enhance deep relaxation, relieve stress and calm the senses. Finally relish aromatherapy flower bath to complete this indulgence. Footbath ritual – Sauna – Shower – Choose of body scrub – Shower – choose of body wrap – Shower – Choose of Balinese massage / Swedish massage / aromatherapy massage / Japanese shiatsu / galangal fusion massage –Aromatherapy flower bath – Refreshment


僅可與按摩或身體裹敷body wrap結合使用。

  • MILK BATH – 30 minutes
    Milk bath will make your skin feel softer, more resilient and fresh. Milk bath – Shower – Refreshment
    With a choice of aromatherapy, this bath is good for relaxing, calming and soothing the nerves. Aromatherapy flower bath –Refreshment
  • HERBAL BATH – 30 minutes
    It will help you invigorate the circulation system and alleviate your anxiety. Herbal bath – Shower – Refreshment



  • 3 days package – 210 minutes
    Day 1: Balinese Massage
    Day 2: Signature Facial
    Day 3: Coconut Scrub
  • 5 days package – 360 minutes
    Day 1: Samabe Signature Massage
    Day 2: Signature Facial
    Day 3: Aloe Vera After-sun Treatment
    Day 4: Swedish / Balinese Massage
    Day 5: Green Tea Scrub




  • BALINESE MASSAGE – 60 minutes
  • SWEDISH MASSAGE – 60 minutes
  • JAPANESE SHIATSU – 60 minutes


每一個生命的創造都依賴於大自然賦予所有水的最重要的天然營養。幾個世紀以來,水一直幫助放鬆、恢復活力,並為皮膚提供必要的營養和水分。沐浴在這樣一種美容儀式中,擁有冥想、世俗和精神世界的重要成分。推薦這些浴池以緩解壓力、時差和其他有益原因。 請留出 20 分鐘讓SPA師為您準備沐浴。

    A warm milk & yogurt bath with a lot of fresh flowers petals for a more dramatic result. This bath will make your skin feel softer, more resilient & fresh.
    Soak in a warm flower bath with aromatherapy soothing bath salt crystal made of sea salt, lavender buds, essential oil of lavender, rosemary, basil and lemon.
    We are using an after-sun soothing bath gel, a highly concentrated combination of aloe vera and bangkoang extracts plus cucumber, lavender and geranium. This is a highly efficient way to soothe the pain of sun-damaged skin.
    Get the full mixed fruit bath experience with this exotic blend of papaya fragrant oil with lemon and spearmint essential oils together with fresh mint.




  • Galangal SPA中心每天上午10點至晚上21點開放。
  • 請在治療前15分鐘到達,填寫健康評估表,並花時間在寧靜的環境中放鬆身心。遲到會縮短治療時間,因為需要準時結束,以免耽誤下一位客人的預約。
  • 60分鐘的按摩將沒有足浴儀式。
  • 請穿著舒適的衣服。SPA中心提供浴袍、拖鞋和一次性內褲提供個人使用。也可穿上比基尼。無論選擇哪種方式,治療師都會確保隱私始終受到尊重。
  • 請注意,SPA中心不適合小孩和嬰兒,因為SPA中心努力確保所有客人都能從周圍的寧靜中受益。
  • 建議來SPA中心之前將配件放在套房/別墅的安全地方。
  • 請提前4小時通知取消;否則將收取價格的50%。
  • 如果未滿12歲,價格為半價。歡迎參加治療。
  • 建議不要在療程後進行日光浴。
  • 對於男性,請在進行所有面部護理之前剃鬍鬚,確保獲得最佳效果。
  • 提供準媽媽按摩油和專為準媽媽設計的改良療法。
  • SPA中心禁止吸煙或使用手機。
  • 建議患有高血壓、過敏、心髒病、懷孕或任何其他醫學問題的客人在報名任何治療前諮詢醫生。
  • 請通知SPA中心前台任何現有的醫療狀況。