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歡迎來到位於Sayan的Four Seasons Resort Bali的Sacred River Spa。Sacred River Spa沉浸在Ayung River河谷鬱鬱蔥蔥的叢林綠地中,是一個寧靜而滋養的環境,專注於深度。 精神實踐和儀式平衡和恢復微妙的內在能量,將身體、思想和精神結合起來。 當我們有意識地將自己與地球對齊時,它們會讓人一瞥可能發生的事情,它們喚起一種意識、健康和存在感。


Add : Sayan, Ubud, Bali 80571 INDONESIA

營業時間 10:00-19:00

Tel : +62 361 977 577


有興趣者  可洽Casa Chen 0932-043913

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Balinese – 60 / 90 min 

The unique techniques that comprise traditional Balinese massage are passed down through the generations. The massage uses long strokes, gentle skin rolling, deep kneads and foot reflexology. Choose one of four restorative massage oils: Grounding: ‘Bali Spice’ with clove, ginger, fennel and vetivert Calming: ‘Peace of Bali’ with sandalwood, ylang ylang and ginger Uplifting: ‘Bali Sunrise’ with lemon ylang ylang and bergamot Purifying: Virgin coconut oil

Deep Knead – 60 / 90 min

This massage places firm focus on specific areas of tension. Balinese massage warms the muscles, followed by pressure-point techniques with forearms and elbows, and targeted Balinese foot reflexology. For best results, warm your muscles in the steam room and sauna prior to the massage.

Warm Herbal Oil – 60 / 90 min

This massage places firm focus on specific areas of tension. Balinese massage warms the muscles, followed by pressure-point techniques with forearms and elbows, and targeted Balinese foot reflexology. For best results, warm your muscles in the steam room and sauna prior to the massage.

Mother-To-Be – 90 / 120 min

This nourishing and harmonising treatment combines a herb poultice massage with rosehip seed and argan oil – infused with extracts of lavender, geranium and rose – to replenish dry skin, remove excess fluid and gently relieve aches and pains. An optional body scrub with blackcurrant seed, honey and Himalayan salt gently adds lustre to the skin.

Warm River Stone – 90 min

Smoothed by centuries of Ayung River waters, steam-heated river stones are placed on the energy centres of the body then used to warm and massage the muscles with long, rhythmic strokes and aromatic oils. The application of cold stones simultaneously stimulates and energises, bringing about a sense of deep calm as body and mind are balanced.

Extreme Ease – 60 / 90 min

This targeted treatment combines an intensely relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage with reflexology for the feet and hands. Firm pressure eases muscle tension to improve blood flow, restoring the body to a healthier equilibrium and reversing the stresses of modern life.

Four-Handed Harmony – 75 / 90 min

Experience the deeply restorative benefits of two therapists working in synchronised flow. Four hands in seamless coordination massage the body, effectively relieving tension using a blend of massage techniques from Bali and beyond.


Body Scrubs and Wraps


Red Ginger – 90 min

The Balinese use red ginger to alleviate muscle stiffness and the effects of cold or flu. Mixed with organic red rice, this gentle body polish and finishing lotion can also be applied to sensitive or sun-damaged skin to remove dead layers and nurture new growth.

Energizing and Detoxifying – 60 min

Using the ionizing properties of Himalayan salt crystals, this body scrub is the ideal treatment for cellulite, stress and exhaustion. On a physical level, it stimulates circulation and toxin elimination. On a subtle level, it cleanses and strengthens the bio-energy fields, uplifting the mind, body and spirits.

Beras Kencur – 90 min

During this traditional therapy, a warming homemade paste of ground organic white rice flour and freshly crushed wild ginger, known as kencur, is applied to the whole body. While it gets to work easing muscular tension, a head and face massage unburdens the mind and smoothes fine lines.

Rice and Spice – 90 min

Balinese rice farmers have long applied herbs to warm the body during the rainy season. This scrub uses temu lawak roots crushed with cloves, turmeric, fenugreek and ginger to exfoliate and invigorate. It ends with a traditional gayung rice and spice wine shower and back massage with aloe and ginger.

Blissful – 60 min

This heavenly body scrub nourishes both bodily and emotional wellbeing. Healing Himalayan salt crystals and pure essential oils of rosa damascena otto, jasmine and sandalwood settle the nervous system and nourish neglected cells.

Mountain Earth – 90 min

Volcanic earth minerals naturally nourish the skin. Sourced from the surrounding mountains and blended with ylang-ylang flower water, this indigenous body mask replenishes the skin with organic hydration. The banana leaf wrap enhances the feeling of ‘oneness’ with the Balinese landscape, followed by a warming shower and Four Seasons flower lotion.



Hand Rejuvenation – 30 min

The perfect add-on for hard-working hands, this treatment rejuvenates the muscles with a relaxing marma point massage before a cream mask, rich in essential oils, restores moisture and softness.

Eye Indulgence – 30 min

Marma stimulation, eye exercises and a hydrating mask relieve tension, reduce dark circles and increase micro-muscle function. Fine lines and skin tone are improved and sparkle is restored.

Flawless Feet – 30 min

A relaxing and energising treat for flawless feet, comprising a lemongrass and vetivert scrub to smooth, marma massage and foot mask to stimulate, and Vital Energy Cream to soften.

Breast Boost – 30 min

This delicate sensuous treatment draws on the healing benefits of rose to awaken the feminine spirit of strength and gentleness, tone the delicate breast tissue, and balance female hormones.


Salon Treatments

Kemiri Oil Treatment – 60 min

This rich, nourishing treatment helps prevent hair loss, moisturizes the hair and reduces split ends. A traditional scalp massage technique ensures deep cleansing and optimum infusion of nutrients while a fresh basil and ginseng tonic uplifts the mood and strengthens the hair.

Avocado and Honey hair Cream Mask – 60 min

Known as the fruit of endless benefits, vitamin-rich avocados help maintain nourishment and prevent hair loss while the honey deeply moisturizes. The mask is followed by a unique rinse, featuring pounded hibiscus leaves, traditionally used to smooth frizziness.

Ultimate Manicure – 60 min

It’s all in the details – manicured to perfection with shaping the nail, smoothing dry skin and cuticles, nail buffing, massage, scrub and a hand mask. Choose to add polish (extra 15 minutes).

Gel Nail Polish Application – 30 min

Enhance your manicure or pedicure with an application of gel nail polish – a high-resistance polish that can last for up to two weeks with no cracking, peeling or chipping.

Traditional Oil Treatment – 60 min

The Balinese keep their hair thick and lustrous with fresh coconut oil infused with pandanus leaf, fenugreek seed, sandalwood and cinnamon. A relaxing scalp, neck and shoulder massage stimulates circulation and delivers nutrients to the hair follicles.

Creme Hair Bath – 60 min

Practiced for centuries by Indonesian royalty, this traditional treat features a luxurious shampoo followed by an intensely nourishing scalp massage with organic ginseng, avocado or aloe vera crème. Warm steam maximizes the crème’s effect, accompanied by a balancing neck and shoulder massage.

Uber Pedicure – 75 min

Our podiatrist-trained therapists provide the safest and most effective pampering for your feet, with dramatic results. Using professional podiatry tools, your therapist will shape your nails and cuticles, smooth callouses and rough edges, and soothe feet and legs while you recline in our custom leather chair. Polish is optional, as the beautiful, natural finish glows on its own.

Gel Nail Polish Remover – 30 min

Regular Nail Polish Application – 15 min