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COMO Uma Canggu的COMO Shambhala Retreat是個健康天堂,俯瞰峇里島的最佳衝浪勝地。通過廣泛的理療添加了一個新的維度,包括從Marma到按摩的亞洲風格理療,以及由專業健康從業者管理的經典美容理療。





按摩療法是COMO Shambhala整體健康方法的重要組成部分。 COMO Shambhala Wellness提供一系列旨在緩解肌肉緊張、修復現有損傷並提供完全放鬆的按摩。

Como Shambala Massage – 75 min / 90 min

The nurturing COMO Shambhala Massage is our signature massage that uses our blended massage oils to completely calm the mind and gently rejuvenate the body. This is an ideal massage for those making a commitment to improve their general wellbeing as it helps to rebalance both body and mind.

*Our COMO Shambhala therapists have been trained and are accredited by Wellness for Cancer to work with individuals touched by cancer. Please let us know if you would like a modified treatment.

Deep Tissue Massage – 75 min / 90 min

COMO Shambhala’s restorative Deep Tissue Massage relaxes the body and allows for the release of deeply held patterns of tension. The techniques used during this treatment all help to increase blood and lymph flow, so muscles can once again operate at full capacity.

Indonesian Massage – 75 min / 90 min

This authentic Indonesian Massage uses our signature blended oil to help rejuvenate the body. Our experts incorporate both rolling and kneading strokes, providing a good therapeutic workout and inducing deep relaxation.

Prenatal Massage – 75 min / 90 min

Our Prenatal Massage is a specially designed treatment for all stages of pregnancy after the first trimaster. It includes a footbath, full body massage and relaxing facial massage. Pregnancy support cushions are used throughout to ensure total comfort.

Taksu Massage – 75 min / 90 min

The magical transference of energy between two people who connect is
called ‘taksu’ in Balinese. This is a strong and invigorating treatment that increases blood circulation and helps to relieve tight muscles. As it can also soothe headaches, this treatment is a welcoming antidote for those affected by stress.

Thai Massage – 75 min / 90 min

Thai Massage assists in unblocking trapped energy and improves vitality. With this type of healing treatment – sometimes known as passive yoga – our expert COMO Shambhala therapists manoeuvre your body into yoga-like stretching positions, applying pressure along the meridians and mobilising joints. No oil is used during this treatment and Thai pyjamas are provided.

Indian Head Massage – 60 min

Beginning in a seated position, our Indian Head Massage helps relieve stress-induced tension in the head, neck and shoulders. A gentle facial massage of the nine Marma facial points is also included.

Reflexology – 60 min

COMO Shambhala therapists use reflexology to help induce deep relaxation. By understanding how the body’s organs respond to gentle pressure to reflex points on the feet, our experts can use reflexology to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. This is an especially nurturing treatment after a day’s travelling or walking.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage – 60 min / 75 min

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a type of gentle massage designed to encourage lymph drainage, carrying toxins and waste away from the tissues, aiding the body’s natural detoxification process.



COMO Shambhala的身體療法包括一系列有助於調理、排毒和恢復活力的療法,同時通過動手治療提供放鬆體驗。

COMO Shambhala Bath – 120 min

Our cleansing COMO Shambhala Bath treatment gently exfoliates and softens the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed. After dry brushing your body, our expert therapists will apply COMO Shambhala’s Body Scrub, combining the exfoliating benefits of sea salt and sugar with a nut oil base, as well as luxurious shea butter. Once this has been absorbed into the skin, enjoy an invigorating bath, before the session concludes with the long calming strokes of our signature COMO Shambhala Massage.

COMO Shambhala Skin Detoxifying Treatment – 60 min / 90 min / 120 min

Our COMO Shambhala Skin Detoxifying Treatment helps to detox and revive tired skin, and is designed to improve circulation and skin tone. Using our signature products to exfoliate and moisturise, this therapy stimulates lymph flow to restore a healthy glow. A polish using our salt and sugar scrub is followed by a refreshing shower and then completed with the application of our signature moisturising lotion. The invigorating treatment can be enhanced with the addition of COMO Shambhala Massage to further stimulate the body’s natural detoxifying functions.

Javanese Royal Lulur Bath – 120 min

This deeply luxurious treatment is a traditional beauty regime at the Royal Palaces of Central Java, where the treatment’s techniques were first derived. It is perfect for tired skin, combining a soothing Indonesian Massage with an invigorating body scrub and an aromatic bath. The treatment concludes with the application of body lotion to soften and fully hydrate the skin.

Dead Sea Mud Therapy – 120 min

Our nurturing Dead Sea Mud Therapy helps to extract impurities from the skin, while moisturising the body and relieving muscle tension. The warm mud treatment includes a gentle exfoliating scrub, as well as a face and scalp massage. After a shower, the treatment concludes with our nurturing signature COMO Shambhala Massage.

Traditional Balinese Body Wrap – 120 min

The COMO Shambhala Traditional Balinese Body Wrap revives tense muscles, while also aiding to relieve minor rheumatic conditions. Our expert therapists blend hand-crushed rice with warming spices to create a stimulating rub, which is then applied to the skin. The all-over deep heat experience relives aching bodies after exercise, using Taksu massaging techniques to improve circulation.

COMO Shambhala Sun Soother – 60 min

This soothing face and body treatment is designed specifically for use after excessive sun exposure, nourishing and comforting the skin as well as reducing heat and redness.



提供一系列面部護理,為面部提供深層清潔、淨化、充氧和最大程度的補水。 COMO Shambala Wellness為各種皮膚類型提供面部護理,包括非手術抗衰老面部護理。 通過針對自己的護膚需求量身定制的針對性治療,可以幫助肌膚感覺更緊緻、更光滑,恢復年輕光彩。


SUNDÃRI遵循古老東方哲學的Ayurvedic阿育吠陀原則與來自大自然的最優質成分相結合,提供全面的健康方法,從而帶來外在的光彩和內在的寧靜。 SUNDÃRI 是生活方式的重要組成部分,在旅途中實現思想、身體和精神的和諧與平衡。

Sundãri Age Defying Firming Facial – 60 min

The Sundãri Age Defying Firming Facial, using the regenerative properties of Gotu Kola, helps to reclaim your skin’s youth. Not only does it feel luxurious, Gotu Kola instantly exfoliates, firms and improves tone and texture.

Sundãri Beautiful Eyes – 30 min

The luxurious Sundãri Beautiful Eyes treatment hydrates and firms the delicate eye area. Assisted by penetrating age-defying formulas, this treatment also soothes puffiness, and hydrates and relieves tired eyes.

Sundãri Intensive Healing Facial – 60 min

The Sundãri Intensive Healing Facial is suitable for very sensitive skin and utilises the purifying benefits of Neem, known in India as the ‘pharmacy tree’. Organic plant extracts are combined with soothing oil to heal, hydrate and firm – restoring balance to sensitive or irritated skin, helping it to regain its youthful glow.

Sundãri ‘Essential Supplifying’ Facial – 90 min

The Sundãri Essential Supplifying Facial breathes new life into dry or stressed skin with a deeply nourishing and intensely hydrating treatment. The treatment will start with a relaxing Abhyanga back massage, followed by application of Sundãri’s Omega3+ complex, using naturally active ingredients to restore lost skin lipids. Skin is left softened and renewed, with a natural glow.

Sundãri Firming Neck Treatment – 30 min

The Sundãri Firming Neck Treatment helps you reclaim a healthy appearance to the neck area. First, an active exfoliation with enzymes and bamboo extract reduces roughness, uneven pigment and loose skin.
Then an energising mask and massage, utilising the rejuvenating effects of Gotu Kola, leaves skin firm, smooth and restored.

Sundãri Gentlemen’s Facial

The SUNDÃRI Gentlemen’s Facial is a targeted face, eye and neck treatment for the unique needs of men’s skin, using the healing powers of Neem. The skin is infused with nutrients while an intense enzyme exfoliation firms, soothes and hydrates.





We offer a range of hair-removal treatments administered by our expert staff, each one designed to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.


Nourishing treatments for hands and feet that use soothing massage and gentle scrubs to tidy cuticles and nails.

ESSENTIAL MANICURE – 45 min / 60 min

A lasting manicure in the colour of your choice.

ESSENTIAL PEDICURE – 30 min / 60 min / 75 min

A lasting pedicure in the colour of your choice.



積極的幸福在任何年齡都很重要。COMO Shambala Wellness的目標是支持兒童和青少年過上美好生活、積極思考並過上積極、充實的生活。 所有的治療和活動,從按摩到瑜伽,都經過精心策劃,專門使年輕的身心受益。目標是降低壓力荷爾蒙水平,促進恢復活力的睡眠,鼓勵正確的姿勢,並創造一個環境,讓年輕人可以在遠離技術的地方找到滿足感——幫助他們發現內心的快樂。

COMO Shambhala Massage For Children

This nurturing massage, using our signature blended massage oil, is aimed at calming excited minds and rejuvenating tired bodies – perfect for children in need of a boost.

– 30 minutes Foot or Back Massage or
– 45 minutes/60 minutes Full-body Massage

Cleansing Facial – 30 min

Specially designed for delicate skin, this treatment provides a light cleanse for young complexions.

Children Manicure – 30 min

This manicure is a soothing treatment for busy hands, beginning with a warm hand soak in aromatic water, followed by a gentle exfoliation. Next, a calming massage will leave hands feeling soft and smooth. For the finishing touch, children can choose their favourite polish colour to add to their manicured fingernails.

Children Pedicure – 30 min

This relaxing pedicure comprises a warm foot soak, a gentle exfoliation and a massage using COMO Shambhala New Skin Oil – a real treat for active feet. Lastly, toenails are filed and painted in your child’s favourite colour.

Wellness Path For Young Ones – 60 min / 75 min

Young ones can get a taste of COMO Shambhala relaxation with this nurturing wellness path, aimed at relaxing the mind and body. They can choose between a 30-minute back massage, foot massage or facial, before enjoying an mini manicure and pedicure. They can also opt to have their nails painted in their favourite colour.



盡情享受COMO Shambhala 套餐。

忙碌的父母可以抽出時間體驗全新的 COMO Shambhala 體驗——包括使用 Play by COMO 設施,可以放鬆和恢復活力,因為您知道您的孩子是快樂、安全和快樂的。

For a mind-body reset, our new COMO Shambhala Exposure experience includes:

  • A choice between a 60-minute group class from our Daily Schedule or use of our gym
  • 60-minute COMO Shambhala Massage
  • One COMO Shambhala Juice
  • Use of COMO Shambhala lockers and steam room
  • Play by COMO facilities (age four to 12 years old)

Alternatively, deeply unwind with our new Tranquility experience, which includes:

  • A choice between a 60-minute group class from our Daily Schedule or use of our gym
  • 60-minute COMO Shambhala Massage
  • 60-minute SUNDÃRI facial
  • COMO Shambhala gift
  • Use of COMO Shambhala lockers and steam room
  • Play by COMO facilities (age four to 12 years old)



建議至少在預約時間前 15 分鐘到達,以放鬆身心並享受設施。 遲到會縮短治療時間。

Cancellation Policy
如果想取消預約,請至少提前四小時通知,否則將收取全額取消費用。 未出現也將按全額治療費用收費。

雖然提供儲物櫃設施,但仍建議將貴重物品放在房間保險箱內。 COMO Uma Canggu 對任何形式的金錢或貴重物品的丟失概不負責。

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