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Jamu有史以來第一個Spa中心,位於Kuta海濱的Alam Kulkul Boutique Resort中。 獨家提供印尼傳統的身體和美容護理,包括單點或套餐,滿足需求! 與訓練有素的治療師一起,僅使用全天然成分。



Slowly her mind began to shift and she was no longer on terra firma. Heady smells of jasmine and vanilla invaded her senses and sounds of flutes filled the air. Her body was floating and spiritually guided along a path of aromas and tactile pleasures. Seen from a vantage point high above, as if amongst the clouds, the green exotic island of Bali became a reality and she was actually lying on the massage bed in a pleasant dream world. Oh if only the dream could last longer… JAMU forever touch my body and fill my mind with sounds and scents of nature, tropical flora, love, peace and joy.


JAMU Traditions encompasses education, wellness and spa, and our spa product creation and manufacture; each supporting the other and extending beyond into the local community. Socially responsible activities are conducted in training workshops for villages in the outer areas of Bali and further afield into the islands of Flores, Lombok and Sumba. As a collaborator of the Sumba Hospitality Foundation, JAMU Traditions participates in the advancement of women’s health and career choices through the Indonesian archipelago.

JAMU傳統涵蓋了教育,保健和水療以及我們的水療產品創建和製造;彼此支持,並延伸到當地社區。在巴厘島外圍地區以及弗洛雷斯,龍目島和松巴島等更遠地區的村莊的培訓講習班中開展對社會負責的活動。作為Sumba酒店基金會的合作者,JAMU Traditions通過印度尼西亞群島參與了提高婦女健康和職業選擇的工作。




Cempaka Package – 4 hours

Connect to healing energy of bBali with our signature Jamu massage, personalized body scrub, flower bath, facial and scalp massage hair treatment.

Kenanga Package – 2.5 hours

Experience full body renewal with your favourite Jamu massage, body scrub, flower bath and hair treatment.

Melati Package – 2 hours

Enjoy a taste of paradise, costomized to suit your needs. Select of :

  • Massage and Facial OR
  • Massage and Creambath

All treatment start with foothbath and finish with a healthy a Jamu Tonic beverage at the end of each treatment.


這些傳統的身體護理方法從足浴開始,然後進行特定的身體按摩,然後選擇身體去角質結束。 提供Jamu補品飲料以完成療程。

Jasmine Lulur Body Scrub – Exfoliating / 1.5 hours

Includes : Massage, Lulur Scrub, Yoghurt Treatment, Shower

Coconut Mangir Body Scrub – Cleansing and Hydrating / 1.5 hours

Includes : Massage, Mangir Scrub, Shower

Vanilla & Coffee Body Scrub – Seductive, Stimuating Detox / 1.5 hours

Incl : Massage, Coffee Mocha Scrub, Coconut Seaweed Rub, Shower

Bali Limau Ocean Detox Scrub – Stimulating & Detox / 1.5 hours

Incl : Massage, Seasalt Scrub, Shower

Boreh Spice Body Mask – Warming with Muscle Tension Relief / 1.5 hours

Incl : Massage, Boreh Mask, Shower

Earth & Flower Body Mask – Private & Hypnotic / 1.5 hours

Incl : Kemiri Massage, Eart & Flower Mask, Yoghurt Treatment, Shower

Kemiri Nut Scrub – Cleanising & Nourishes the skin / 1 hour

Include : Kemiri Massage, Shower

Selendang Body Wrap – Slimming and Tightening / 1.5 hours

Helps the lymphatic system function, reaweaknes the body’s orgabs, cleanses and heals.

Includes : Back and stomach Massage, Selendang Body Bind, Betel leaf bath

Aloe Lavender After Sun Treatment – Sun Soother / 1.5 hours

Sun damaged skin will welcome relief from the healing powers of lavender and aloe in this calming body treatment.

Includes : Cooling bath, Aloe Vera & Lavender Lotion


Balinese Massage – Healing / 1hr/1.5 hrs

A healing therapy combining awareness of body and spirit. Acupressure, muscle manipulation and warm sweeping techniques are used. Natural oils and aromatic flowers, assiststhe healing process.

Traditional Massage – Restoring / 1hr/1.5 hrs

A medium firm massage treatment uses long strokes, skin rolling, kneading and reflexology techniques to stimulate blood circulation and soothe aching muscles.

Foot Massage – Maintenance / 1hr

A massage using the ancient, healing, pressure-point massage techniques to stimulate the body’s natural healing.

Aromatherapy Massage – Balancing / 1.5 hrs

This gentle massage technique has the ability to clear the mind and soothe the body.

Warm Stone Massage – Relaxing / 1.5 hrs

A powerful treatment for stress release, muscle relaxation and deep heat penetration.


Tropical Nut Facial – Moisture Boost, For all skin types / 1hr

Start your path to a healthy complexion with a nourishing facial treatment designed for all skin types.

Fresh Fruit Peel – Brightening, For all skin types / 1hr

Restore your inner glow with this special treatment designed to revive, tone, and plump the skin.

Rose Petal Eye Mask – Eye Repair, for all skin types / 30 mins


Traditional Hair Creambath / 1hr

Hair nourishing & hydrating

Includes : A scalp Massage, Warm towel wrap and Relaxing Neck, Shoulder and Arm Massage.


Cleanse, exfoliate, soothe, relax and beautify these often-neglected areas. Give your legs, feet, arms, and hands a special treatment with manicure or pedicure, pressure-point massage, cleansing, peeling, and mask. We buff and smooth the nails but we do not use any artificial polish.

Spa Foot Treatment or Spa Hand Treatment / 1.5 hrs

Manicure or Pedicure (with nail buffing only) / 1hr


為了柔和,有效地去除體內的毛髮,使用了傳統的糖蜜打蠟技術。 用特製的蔗糖混合物打蠟後,將蘆薈和薰衣草乳液輕輕按摩在皮膚上,以舒緩和鎮靜皮膚。 選擇有 :

Full Leg / Half Leg / Underarm / Bikini / Brazillian


Head & Shoulder / Back / Foot Massage – 30 mins

Ala Carte Body Scrub (body scrub and shower only) – 30 mins

Bathub Treatment (flower/spice/sirih bath) per person – 30 mins

Shower per person – 15 mins

Add : Jalan Pantai Kuta, Legian (Alamkulkul Boutique Resort Kuta)

營業時間 : 09:00-19:00

Tel : 0361-752520