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“Bhava”一詞來自古老的梵語,意為“身體或精神狀態”。Bhava Spa的特色療法源自印度尼西亞,中國,日本,泰國和印度的整體健康傳統。取材於歷史悠久的實踐,這些實踐長期以來一直用於治愈和補充身體,思想和精神。

大自然是Bhava Spa養生理念的關鍵。所有療程均使用從新鮮草藥和花卉成分現場配製的最純淨的美容產品進行,以滋養各種皮膚類型。Bhava Spa旨在吸收所有五種感官,散發著優雅和寧靜。 邀請客人踏上自我發現之旅,以文化驅動植根於東方世界的治愈智慧和禮節習俗。




The Royal Romance – 2.5 Hours

Royal Foot Ritual – Java Experience – Indian Head Massage / Instant Glow Facial – Coffee Scrub / Coconut & Turmeric Scrub – Royal Romance Bath Ritual

The legendary love story of Rama and Sita is depicted in the epic Indian poem known as the Ramayana. This ancient piece of literature presents Hindu teachings interspersed with ethical values and elements of philosophy. Rama was a handsome prince from a mighty kingdom who wed Sita, a kindly princess who was the daughter of Mother Earth. However, the couple were parted when Sita was exiled to the forest and kindaped by the demon king Ravana. Following many challenges and a mighty battle, Rama managed to rescue his beloved wife. This inspirational tale of two soulmates is the synopsis for a Balinese cultural dance.

Celebrating the spirit of true love, this renewing treatment takes couples on a sensory journey journey of indulgence. The pampering begins with a foot bath to refresh walk-weary toes. A soothing body massage is then performed to release muscle tension and entice deep relaxation. For him, the experience continues with a traditional Indian head massage to balance the third eye chakra plus an aromatic body scrub. And for her, a nurturing facial will give the skin a radiant glow followed up by a natural body exfoliation. Sharing a bath infused with essential oils and exotic flower petals brings this romantic session to a memorable close.

Bamboo Renaissance – 2.5 Hours

Herbal Foot Ritual – Bamboo Massage – Bamboo Body Scrub – Bamboo Body Wrap – Jasmine Tea & Mint Bath

In Japan, bamboo is a symbol of prosperity, purity and stregth. This natural resource has both cultural and economic significance in Japanese society, and it appears in many ancient tales. As the fastest growing plant on earth, bamboo is widely used in cuisine, art, music and also as a versatile building material. There is a certain feeling of peacefulness associated with bamboo. An entire forest conjures up visions of a scared environment where dappled sunlight filters through leaves to cast shadows on the ground below.

Created with renewal in mind, this signature tratment explores the unknown wellness benefits of bamboo. Firstly, the feet are cleansed in a basin of herb-infused water. This is followed by a unique massage performed using the technique of rolling smooth pieces of bamboo over the body to draw out tension. An exfoliating bamboo scrub is then applied to gently polish the skin and then a bamboo wrap temporarily cocoons the body to release toxins. The final step is a relaxing soak in a tea and mint bath that has anti-oxidant properties to slow the effects of aging and rejuvenate tired looking skin.

Symphony of the Earth – 2 Hours

Herbal Foot Ritual – Singing Bowl – Kunye Tibetan Massage – Indian Head Massage – Lemongrass & Pandan Bath

Bhagavad Gita (Song of God) is part of an epic Hindu poem known as the Mahabharata. With 700 verses, this classic Sanskrit scripture presents teachings about the ethical and moral struggles in human life. Certain massages contained within the Bhagaved Gita have transcended the passing hands of time to address some of the challenges faced by today’s modern society. It is believed that upon meditating and reaching a certain state of silence, one can hear this heavenly song.

Directed by the divine teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, this ritualistic treatment promotes harmony and inner peace. The experience commences with a cleansing foot bath followed by the sounding of a singing bowl to transport the body, mind and spirit to a realm of deep relaxation. Fragrant sticks of incense are list as a healing Tibetan massage is performed in total silence to release all traces of stress and tension. The third eye chakra is then balanced through a stimulating Indian head massage. A fefresing soak in a warm bath infused with lemongrass and pandan leaves is the finishing step in this tranquil journey.

Full Moon Purification – 2 Hours

Canang Sari & Balinese Bell Ritual – Purifying Foot Ritual – Balinese Massage – Cananga Body Scrub – Full Mood Purification Bath Ritual

Bali’s own unique version of the Hindu religion is heavily influenced by the different phases of the moon. Typically, elaborate temple ceremonies and cleansing rituals are held in conjunction with the full moon and new moon to dispel negativity and attract harmony. Both of these auspicious occasions herness the lunar energy that is often associated with healing, purification and the celebration of life itself.

Drawing inspiration from Bali’s cultural traditions, this nurturing treatment is focused on personal indugence. It begins with the placement of a floral offering and the ringing of a bell as a symbol of appreciation for the gift of each new today. A gentle foot bath is performed as a prelude to a traditional Balinese massage that uses warm oil in combination with long finger strokes and applications of pressure to melt away muscular tension. Next comes a natural body scrub that will leave skin feeling fresh and radiant. This uplifting spa experience closes with a purifying frangipani bath to energise body, mind and spirit.

Tropical Fruit Tango – 2 Hours

Avocado Foot Ritual – Balinese Massage – Instant Glow Facial – Mango & Passion Body Scrub – Balinese Citrus Bath

The Indonesia archipelago runs along the equator and is blessed with a warm climate that is perfect for the cultivation of tropical fruit. There are many different varieties that not only taste good but also have amazing beauty benefits. Fresh fruits have long been used by local women as essential skin care products. As an example, avocado contains natural oils that penetrate deep into the skin to restore moisture levels. The mango is another favourite often used for its softening and age-reducing qualities.

Tapping into the nourishing powers of locally grown fruits, this natural treatment has a reviving effect on all skin types. It begins with an avocado foot ritual to cleanse travel-weary toes. This is followed by a traditional Balinese massage using long strokes and finger pressure to restore depleted energy levels. A hydrating facial then gives the skin an instant glow before continuing with a mango and passion mousse scrub for an aroma-sensory experience. This session of personal pampering is finished off with a milk bath infused with Balinese oranges and limes.



Down to Earth by Pevonia – 2 Hours

Nature is a gift that just keeps on giving and this treatment taps into the wellness benefits of an organic resource that has been around forever. The indulgencebegins with a foot ritual followed by a nurturing Pevonia facial of your choice using powerful skincare ingredients derived from nature. A concentrated back massage will melt away tension and then holistic moor mud is applied, which is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. This replenishing session comes full circle with a lavish soak in a lemongrass and herb milk bath.

Sundara Jade Stone Facial – 75 mins

This heavenly facial will make you feel like a goddess with its ancient recipe and fresh ingredients of nourishing plant extracts and mother of pearl powder. It includes a warm poultice to relax your muscles with the finisihing touch of chilled jade stones to close pores and totally refresh your skin.

Organic Facial by Pevonia – 60 mins

These pure and natural face treatments use organic botanicals and exquisite formulations from Pevonia Botanica to improve your skin and restore normal, balanced moisture levels.

Rejuvenating Dry Skin

Superbly rich and creamy, this facial counteracts dryness. Moisture-bonding hyaluronic acid hydrates, while vitamin E and carotene act as repairing emollients. Revitalizing, your skin is rendered wonderfully smooth.

Soothing Sensitive Skin

Creamy and gently alleviating, this facial calm your skin with lavender and neroli. These ingredients blend with other key agents to diffuse your skin’s redness and sooth irritation for a calm, smooth appearance.

Balancing Combination Skin

This facial helps hydrate, brighten, and purify your skin. Combining arnica, lemongrass and vitamins to effectively repair and smooth, rendering your skin remarkably radiant and perfectly balance.

Spa Manicure / Pedicure – 60 mins

This spa manicure or pedicure includes an aromatherapy soak, exfoliating scrub, cuticle stimulation, nail shape and color. Followed by relaxing hand and arm massage with moisturizing cream.

Express Manicure / Pedicure – 45 mins

This express manicure or pedicure includes an aromatherapy soal, cuticle stimulation, nail shape and color.

French Polish – 15 mins

Polish your nail to natural pink with elegant white tips.



Kunye Tibetan Massage

Kunye is the ancient form of massage therapy taught in Traditional Tibetan Medicine. It is an effective and dynamic healing art. Presented in the classucal texts of Tibetan Medicine, Kunye starts slow and gentle, working up to more vigorous action and deeper work on key muscle and specific points of the body. It also employs different strokes and assisted stretching techniques.

Indian Head Massage – 60 mins

The Indian head massage is based on the ancient Ayurveda form of healing that dates back almost 4.000 years. Our version of this authentic therapy helps relieve stress and tension in the head, neck and shoulder areas. This massage incorporates the benefits of Ayurveda. Warm VCO (virgin coconut oil) is used to induce a sense of grounding, while stimulating the scalp and nourishing the hais as an integrated form of relaxation.

Bamboo Massage – 60 mins / 90 mins

Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese festivals, rituals and myths all feature bamboo as a symbol of life energy, prosperity, longevity, sexuality and fertility. Bamboo massage has ancient roots and perhaps deeper associations than simply bodywork. This is a technique that incorporates bamboo stalks of varying lengths and diameters to provide deep-tissue work. The massage itself promotes circulation, sensory nerve perception and lymphatic drainage and provides a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

Balinese Massage – 60 mins / 90 mins

Experience the curative benefits of traditional Balinese massage to revive your senses and eliminate muscular tension. It combines long strokes with robust thumb and palm pressure to stimulate circulation and restore energy levels.

Java Experience – 75 mins

Journey back to a bygone era with an authentic Javanese body ritual created to release your tension through the healing art of touch while balancing your chakras.

Samskara Warm Stone – 90 mins

Revive aching muscles and banish tiredness with a healing massage performed using heated basalt rocks and a detoxifying oil blend. A feeling of warmth will penetrate your skin as the rocks are gently glided over the body in caressing motions.

Pada Rejuvenation – 60 mins

Recover from a long flight or over-exertion with this replenishing foot and lower leg therapy. Long strokes together with acupressure on the soles of the feet will relieve tiredness and stimulate blood circulation.



Bamboo Scrub – 45 mins

Dead cells can make the skin look dry, dull and tired. Give your body a new lease of life with a natural bamboo scrub. The addition of charcoal powder provides a detoxifying benefit that removes toxins from the pores and draws out impurities.

Cananga Scrub – 45 mins

Cananga is an exotic flowe is known for its rich fragrance. Mixed with rice powder, it makes a scented scrub that is used to gently exfoliate dead skin and promote new cell growth. A long soak in a calming Full Moon Bath completes this treatment.

Coconut Scrub – 45 mins

The combination of fresh coconut and turmeric helps maintain youthful looking skin. These ingredients work to balance natural oil levels and contain hydrating properties. Finish off with a refreshing Balinese Citrus Bath to enhance the experience.

Sandalwood Lulur – 45 mins

Conceived in the royal palaces of Java during the 17th century, this natural scrub was once reserved for your brides as a pre-wedding ritual. A herbal sandalwood paste is applied to the whole body to cleanse, soften and refine the skin. It continues with a milk bath infused with a colourful medley of exotic flowers.



Traditional Balinese Boreh – 45 mins

This Balinese treatment is inspired by a traditional remedy commonly used by local farmers to generate warmth and prevent sickness during the wet season. An herbal paste is applied to the body and then wrapped in banana leave to detoxify and improve blood circulation. It is followed by a relaxing soak in a lemongrass and herb milk bath.

Sunburn & Sensitive Skin – 45 mins

Feel the heat escape your sunburnt body with a blend of fresh cucumber, honey, yoghurt and lavender/chamomile essential oils. Continue with a calming soak in a floral milk bath and finish off with an application of lavender and aloe Vera gel for a soothing result.

Holistic Moor Mud – 45 mins

Rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes, holistic moor mud is generously applied to your entire back. Deep tension, sore muscles, aches and pains are alleviated as your body’s circulation is stimulated. This is ideal for chronic pain, rheumatism/arthritis and post sports fatigue.

Bamboo Body Wrap – 45 mins

For soft and well nourished skin, this detoxitying wrap cocoons the body to naturally flush out toxins. Paired with a Jasmine Tea and Mint Bath, this luxurious ritual soothes the senses and encourages deep relaxation.



Balinese Citrus Bath – 15 mins

Take delight in a detoxifying bath ritual that uses local Balinese lemons, oranges and cucumber in combination with chrysanthemum flowers to stimulate the sense

Full Moon Purification – 15 mins

Created to emulate a traditional Balinese purification ritual, this reviving bath uses pandan leaves, frangipani flowers and slices of lime to wash away impurities and evoke inner peace.

Lemongrass & Pandan Infused Bath – 15 mins

This exotic bath contains fresh herbs, chopped lemongrass, fresh pandan leaves and chrysanthemum flowers to promote deep relaxation.

Jasmine Tea & Mint Bath – 15 mins

Feel revived with a leisurely soak in this signature bath that comes infused with Indonesian Jasmine Tea, fresh mint leaves, scented salts and slices of Balinese lime.


Bhava Spa at Amnaya Resort Tanjung Benoa

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