<< In Case of an Emergency Dial “112” or “0361-223 333” >>

緊急電話 可播 “112” or “0361-223 333”

<< In Case of an Emergency Dial “112” or “0361-223 333” >>

Worth Noting: Denpasar Disaster Mitigation Agency Announces 24 hour Emergency Response Numbers


The Disaster Mitigation Agency for the City of Denpasar (BPBD-Denpasar) have announced that the emergency call numbers are “112” or, alternatively, 0361-223 333.

登巴薩市減災局(BPBD-Denpasar)宣布緊急電話號碼是“ 112”,或者是0361-223 333。

These numbers are available 24/7 for the public to report emergency situations possibly requiring an immediate response from law enforcement and other public assistance groups.


The operational director of BPBD-Denpasar, Ida Bagus Joni Ariwibawa, said his office was working to socialize the new numbers to the public to be used in urgent situations to immediately connect with the BPBD Call Center that operates the Instant Response Team of BPBD for Denpasar.

BPBD-登巴薩的運營總監Ida Bagus Joni Ariwibawa表示,他的辦公室正在努力將新號碼公開化,

The BPBD Call Center is the control center for:  BPBD呼叫中心是以下方面的控制中心:

  • Disaster Mitigation – Mantap Penanggulangan Bencana (Damapancana)
  • Denpasar Safe Community  登巴薩安全社區
  • Free of charge hearse services for the transport of the dead – Pengantaran Jenazah Gratis (Pantastis) 免費的運送死者的靈車服務
  • Handling of Natural Disasters  處理自然災害
  • Fire Department  消防處
  • Wild Animal Control  野生動物控制
  • Floods 洪水
  • Local Tornadoes 當地龍捲風


Ariwibawa said by calling either 112 or 0316-223333 the public can expect a response within 15 minutes.