<< Roller coaster in Bali’s first indoor theme park Trans Studio opens on 12/Dec/2019 >>


<< Roller coaster in Bali’s first indoor theme park Trans Studio opens on 12/Dec/2019 >> News from Coconuts Bali

If you’ve been passing Jl. Imam Bonjol in Denpasar and wondering what a ride on that roller coaster on top of the mall might be like, you can try it out for yourself pretty soon, as Bali’s first indoor theme park, Trans Studio Bali, will open its doors to the public this coming Thursday.

如果您經過Jl. Impa Bonjol,並想知道在購物中心頂樓搭乘雲霄飛車會是什麼樣子,您可以很快嘗試一下,因為峇里島的第一個室內主題公園-巴厘島跨影室(Trans Studio Bali)本周四(12/Dec/2019)將向公眾開放。

That’s right, folks, after first announcing plans to develop Trans Studio on the Island of the Gods back in 2017, the full Trans Studio experience has now finally come to Bali, following establishments of Trans Studio in other locations across the country, including in Makassar, South Sulawesi and Bandung, West Java.

沒錯,在2017年首次宣佈在眾神島上開發Trans Studio的計劃後,隨著Trans Studio在全國其他地方(包括孟加錫)建立了Studio之後,完整的Trans Studio體驗終於來到了峇里島 ,南蘇拉威西島和萬隆,西爪哇

如果您想知道更多,這個室內主題公園與Trans Studio Mall共享位置,Trans Studio Mall是島上今年3月才開業的最新的購物中心之一。

Some of the rides at the theme park include “Formula Racer” go-kart racing, “AMC Fear The Walking Dead” zombie-fighting simulation and the highly anticipated roller coaster ride “Boomerang Challenge Coaster.” But it will also include zones designated for Instagram-worthy takes, as the Bali location prides itself as “the most Instagrammable theme park.”

主題公園的一些遊樂設施包括“方程式賽車”卡丁車賽,“ AMC Fear The Walking Dead”殭屍格鬥模擬以及備受期待的雲霄飛車遊樂設施“ Boomerang Challenge Coaster”。但其中還將包括指定的,值得一提的Instagram區域,因為峇里島的位置以“最適合Instagram的主題公園”為傲。

“Trans Studio Bali is the best Trans Studio theme park we have at the moment. Not just in Indonesia, but we can even claim to be the best in Southeast Asia at the moment,” Dony Oskaria, chief executive for hospitality and entertainment at CT Corp Group, said.

峇里島Trans Studio工作室是目前擁有的最好的Trans Studio主題公園。 “不僅在印尼,而且我們甚至可以宣稱自己是目前東南亞最好的,” CT Corp Group酒店和娛樂業首席執行官Dony Oskaria表示。

Tickets for Trans Studio Bali are IDR375K (US$26.76) for local residents and IDR600K for foreigners, which you can buy right now on their website.
峇里島Trans Studio的門票對於當地居民是IDR375,000(約27美元),對於外國人是IDR600,000,您現在可以在他們的網站上購買。

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