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Bali's Big Six : Gluten Free by The Yak

<< Bali’s Big Six : Gluten Free by The Yak >>

Sarah Douglas finds six spots for gluten free goodness.

Made’s Banana Flour Bakery

It began with a friendship struck on the beach; it became a bakery that gluten free advocates mark as their go-to in Bali. Such is the demand for the bountiful, healthy alternative to flour that the bakery now plans to expand across Bali before taking on Indonesia and then the world. The brainchild of Balinese Made, a baker, and Michael, a former property agent living in Bali, this is one of only two commercial banana flour factories in the world. Baking with this flour isn’t easy but if these guys have their way, farmers across Bali will be reaping the benefits of planting banana trees, because it seems we can’t get enough of it. Originally in Canggu, the bakeries, which now offer sweet and savoury pastries, as well as their famous banana bread, are opening cafes in Petitenget, Ubud and well… everywhere in between. Highly recommended are their rendang pasties and their fruit tarts.
Tel: +62 821 4466 6001           www.madesbakery.com



Wah Burger

Wah has seen the light. The food crazy entrepreneur, who set up the boutique Wah Burgers on Kayu Aya Road and introduced the gourmet wagyu burger to those who love to push the culinary envelope, has introduced his new menu, with some luscious possibilities for both the gluten intolerant and vegans. In fact his latest burger, the One and Only is built on a gluten free bun with a patty based on a secret Buddhist monk’s vegan recipe with a corn fritter, vegan aioli and loaded with Asian-style salad. Go for it with options including white truffle porcini compote on top. A vegan bahn mie comes with a gluten free baguette and don’t for one minute imagine this will be less than spectacular. Protein lovers will be happier knowing that the gluten free buns can also wrap around his signature meat patties as well. Wah is also importing high quality gluten free pasta from Italy, which he says tastes better than traditional spaghetti. Made with corn and quinoa, sauces range from vegan to incredible. Grab your vegan mates, as he is catering to this growing market as well. Stay tuned for his first vegan and GF menu, including delicious vegan ice cream, which is something we can all enjoy.
Tel: +62 361 736585           www.wahwahburger.com



Six Senses

Possibly the hardest thing about being adverse or seriously challenged by gluten is ensuring that the dishes you choose are in fact free of gluten. Six Senses makes this super easy with every dish on their menus stating clearly their dietary make-up. GF appears often, as does DF, Lo Carb and Vegan. The luxurious and geographically blessed resort on the cliffs at Ungasan takes the wellness of its guests seriously. As a renowned spa and wellness brand, dietary concerns are seriously aligned with great taste, making this a perfect destination for food lovers and the dietary challenged alike. With two spectacular cliff top restaurants, a farm-to-table boutique restaurant and impeccable room service, whether you are staying or not, it’s great to know that when it says Gluten Free, it is. Two of their chefs formerly worked at Como Shambhala, one of the island’s most renowned wellness resorts, so good health and good food are perfectly attuned here.
Tel: +62 361 4771919           www.sixsenses.com




When you are craving Indian, and who doesn’t now and then, it’s nice to know that the delicious Chai’ba in Seminyak has every gluten free dish clearly marked. The fact that most curries are thickened with nuts is no deterrent to the exuberant host, known locally as VB. Chai’ba’s menu is huge, really big. The food is fabulous as the owner, yes VB, was formerly a chef and he has painstakingly made sure that not only are his dishes authentic, they are also more health conscious than the traditional. He says many of his guests are gluten intolerant, including himself and his many Indian clients. He puts it down to modern grains and too much of a good thing in their youth. Who knows, but gluten sensitive diners will love this place for his commitment to dietary principles as well as the atmosphere and of course, the food. He also has some delicious gluten free desserts, including the legendary flourless chocolate cake from Baked in Bali.
Tel: +62 361 9342739           www.chaibaseminyak.com            



Bottega Italiano

The simply beautiful art of hand-made pasta is a daily practice at Bottega Italiano in Jl. Petitenget. Daily the pasta is made, shaped and laid out to dry, and that includes a very special gluten free version. Made with buckwheat and rice flour, it is shaped into tagliatelle. The lovely thing at Bottega Italiano is that most things are made in-house and the diner shapes his own meal. Sauces bubble all day, or are made fresh à la minute, depending. The diner chooses the pasta and then the sauce and it arrives, so putting together a gluten free option is simple. Beautifully presented, homemade goodness. The short menu also offers some delicious charcuterie, salads. Bottega Italiano is a concept created by the talented Chef and owner of Zibiru, Luigi, so whatever you choose is bound to be delicious.
Tel: +62 812 3655 2505           www.bottegaitalianabali.com            



Ubud Gluten Free Kitchen

Naturally Ubud would have what gluten free eaters are looking for, there are myriad cafes and restaurants catering to the modern food lover. Ubud (Gluten Free) Kitchen is exactly what it says it is and the reviews are excellent. Nestled in three-storey building on Jalan Sriwedari, this funky Health conscious café was formerly known as the House of Schnitzel and the menu is completely gluten free. With a health conscious chef, who has her own blog on the subject, the gluten free diner can order anything and everything off this menu safe in the knowledge that it is all made in a totally gluten free environment. That includes their famous schnitizels. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between is served at this simply delicious café, so you can take your friends along and simply enjoy. The kitchen also offers gluten free catering and sells a host of home-made products to take home with you as well.
Tel: +62 361 970744           www.ubudkitchenglutenfree.weebly.com