<< OrcaNation Diving at AYANA Komodo >>


<< OrcaNation at AYANA Komodo >>

這是一間國際潛水公司based on在AYANA Komodo飯店裡面負責住客Diving的單位, 其實因為離開Bali遠了,我個人都是寧願多花點錢,找可靠,可負責的單位安排活動,以保一切順利平安


Outdoor adventure, diving, education and conservation

Orca is a new, specialised outdoor adventure and education company. It provides schools and families in South East Asia with adventure camps, diving trips, conservation projects and environmental education programmes. Orca is a commercial business, but is driven by conservation. Ecology is interwoven into our entire syllabus and service offering, with our underlying goal being a central hub for action, education and hope for the oceans.


Tel : 62-3852-441205

W: OrcaNation.org

AYANA Resort KOMODO lower floor 



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