<< Bali Airport tests public bus system from May/2019 >>

Bali機場 試營運 公車停靠班次 from May/2019

<< Bali Airport tests public bus system from May/2019 >> News from Seminyak Times

機場當局在使用Ngurah Rai國際機場提高乘客服務質量方面取得了小小的突破。 上週五開始在機場運營的Trans Sarbagita公交車的試運行將持續一周。

Angkasa Pura I通信和法律部門負責人Arie Ahsannurohim表示,他們一直與Trans Sarbagita合作運營公交車,並且該服務在試驗期間開始了兩條路線。 這些路線是Airport-Nusa Dua和Airport-Batubulan,他們每條路線每天設置三次出發。


從機場到Nusa Dua的巴士將於上午9點15分,下午1點15分和下午5點15分起飛,

機場 – Batubulan路線將於上午11點,下午3點和晚上7點起飛。

他解釋說,Trans Sarbagita公共汽車將停在國內和國際航站樓的下車區,他們將在5月份正式啟動該計劃前的一周內進行試驗。 Arie Ahsannurohim表示,成人票價為Rp 3,500,兒童免費。 “我們在星期五開始測試,我們希望該計劃按計劃進行,”他補充道。

Angkasa Pura我將審查和評估該計劃的進展情況,以及在該計劃正式啟動時所使用的信息,以最大限度地提高服務的效率。


Airport authorities have made a minor breakthrough in increasing service quality to passengers using Ngurah Rai International Airport. A trial of Trans Sarbagita buses operating at the airport started last Friday and will continue for a week.

The Head of Angkasa Pura I Communication and Legal Section, Arie Ahsannurohim, said that they have been working together with Trans Sarbagita to operate the buses and the service has started with two routes during the trial.  The routes are the Airport-Nusa Dua and the Airport-Batubulan, and they have set departure three times a day for each route.

“There are six buses at the moment. The buses from the Airport to Nusa Dua will depart at 9.15am, 1.15pm, and 5.15pm and the Airport-Batubulan route will depart at 11am, 3pm, and 7pm,” Ahsannurohim said to nusabali.com over the weekend.

He explained that the Trans Sarbagita buses will stop at the domestic and international terminal drop off zones and they set the trial for a week before the official launch of the program in May. Arie Ahsannurohim said that the ticket price has been set Rp 3,500 for adults and free for kids. “We started the test on Friday and we hope the program works as planned,” he added.

Angkasa Pura I will review and evaluate the progress of the program, and with the information garnered to be used to maximize the service’s efficiency when the program is officially launched.

“We will always try to give the best service to airport users,” he concluded.