<< Chasing Waterfalls in North Bali - Banyumala Twin Waterfall & Aling Aling Waterfall >>

Discover Bali's Most Magical Waterfalls - Banyumala Twin Waterfall & Aling Aling Waterfall

<< Chasing Waterfalls in North Bali >>

Discover Bali’s Most Magical Waterfalls

Bali waterfalls come in a wonderful variety so you choose from easy nature treks to hidden cascades that are fit for adventurous travellers, hidden deep in the mountain forests of central Bali. Bali’s waterfalls reward you after your exciting journey through the island’s lesser explored regions, with immersive sights and sounds that promise a soothing experience.

Are you ready to explore few of the hidden treasures for your Bali bucket list adventure? 

The Niagara Falls of Bali:  Niagara Munduk, Buleleng 
Nestled in the rainforest around Munduk Village in Buleleng, lies Niagara Munduk – the Niagara Falls of Bali. There are two falls here, with the most spectacular being Munduk Waterfall which some visitors have compared to a film set. Not only is the fifteen metre high waterfall a jaw-dropping spectacle, but the area around it, with its two twin lakes, is also a stunner. With clove plantations, rice fields and the backdrop of Bali’s beautiful mountains all around, Munduk is a great place to find some inner peace. 

Mother Nature’s Gift:  Banyumala Twin Waterfall, North Bali
Hidden away in the hills of North Bali, this is not an easy waterfall to find. The waterfall is special in that there are two flows of water to be seen, with water cascading down steep rocks surrounded by gorgeous greenery. Here, you can take a refreshing dip in the plunge pool at the bottom – dunk your head and listen to the sounds of the water crashing down above – this is Mother Nature at her very best!

The Slip & Slide:  Aling Aling Waterfall, Sambangan
How does sliding down a thirty-five-metre waterfall sound? Yep, pretty awesome. Well, you can find this natural water slide at Aling-Aling Waterfall, located in Sambangan village. With its inviting, crystal clear plunge pool and shower-like spray, you’ll want to pack your bikini for this one. The waterfall falls from a steep cliff and is surrounded by lush jungle, so it’s just as beautiful if you simply want to admire from a distance. The journey to get there can be a little tiresome, with treks across rice fields and up and down many steps, however, you won’t be complaining when you reach this magical oasis.

These are only few beautiful waterfalls you can explore while staying at Munduk Moding Plantation and there area many more gems hidden away in the hills in the North part of the island, that you can visit during your holiday in Bali.
Happy Hunting!