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太好了, Bali 26/Feb/2019起開了飛至浮潛/深潛聖地Alor Island 每周2/4/6 三班直飛班機

<< Bali to Alor island Three Times a Week on Nam Air from 26/Feb/2019 >> news from Bali Discovery

太好了,以後去浮潛/深潛聖地 Alor 不用再轉機了

Bali 26/Feb/2019起 開啟至Alor Island 每周2/4/6 三班直飛班機

Detik.com reports that Sriwijaya Ticket Indonesia working with NAM Air is opening a new route connecting Denpasar and Alor three times a week flying on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The CEO of Sriwijaya Ticket Indonesia, M Irwansyah, said the tourism potential of Alor in Eastern Nusa Tenggara remains very high. Alor has a very unique culture highlighted by rare bronze-age drums, exquisite traditional textiles, outstanding beaches, and world-class diving.

Irwansyah is optimistic that flight services to Alor will bring the island closer to world travelers.

The General Manager of Sriwijaya Air for Bali and Nusa Tenggara, Sri Budianto, said the new flight service demonstrates the commitment of the Airline to connect all areas of Indonesia.

The lack of aviation fuel in Alor means that each flight is compelled to load an additional supply of fuel to enable a return trip.

The inaugural flight from Denpasar to Alor left Bali on Tuesday, February 26, 2019, at 10:50 am using an ATR 72-600aircraft capable of carrying 70 passengers. With a service altitude of 17,000 feet, passengers on the new flight are treated to fantastic vistas along the entire route with a flying time of 2.5 hours.

The first touchdown of the Denpasar – Alor flight was welcomed with water cannons that added to the dramatic feeling of the event. Water canon salutes are generally reserved to honor the retirement of the captain-in-command, an inaugural flight, the last flight on a particular service, and the first or last takeoff of a particular air model.

The inaugural Denpasar-Alor-Denpasar flight flew both ways with full loads of passengers.