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Have you ever envisioned waking up in a changing view, sipping a cup of coffee in a comfortable seat on the aft deck of a chartered luxury yacht, do watersports any time you want and how long you want it, experience a spa session differently, ask the ship captain to sail into an extraordinary location and have a stopover in an exotic island, or throw a dinner party overboard during winter?   您有沒有想過在不斷變化的視野中醒來,在豪華遊艇的船尾甲板上舒適的座位上喝杯咖啡,隨時隨地進行水上運動以及您想要多長時間,以不同方式體驗水療會議,詢問船長要駛入一個特殊的地方,在一個充滿異國情調的島嶼中途停留,還是在冬季舉辦晚宴?

An extraordinary vacation that will truly take you out of the everyday hustle and bustle life in the concrete jungle with splendid stories you’ll be able to tell family and friends for years to come. Yes, this is possible and the best way to experience this one-of-a-kind adventure with your loved ones is by chartering a luxury yacht that sails through the unspoilt islands that only a few chosen ones can experience.   一個非凡的度假將真正帶你走出混凝土叢林中的日常喧囂生活,有著精彩的故事,你將能夠在未來幾年告訴家人和朋友。是的,這是可能的,與您所愛的人一起體驗這種獨一無二的探險的最佳方式是租一艘豪華遊艇,航行在未受破壞的島嶼上,只有少數人可以體驗。

We are highlighting the top reasons why you would not want to spend your next dream vacation on a luxury chartered yacht. Get ready to start envisioning about your next extra special holiday, well spent with family or friends.  我們正在強調您不希望在豪華包租遊艇上度過下一個夢想假期的主要原因。準備開始展望您的下一個特殊假期,與家人或朋友共度美好時光。

<< 9 Ultimate Reasons >>

Freedom and flexibility 自由和靈活

Living a life where we follow strict rules is an ordinary, everyday scenario. We sometimes take a time off from work to travel only to find out that we’re still sticking to an itinerary made by travel agents and following the limited time allocated for travel groups. If you’re really looking for a breather that will recharge not only your exhausted body, why not look forward to a holiday where you have full control of whatever it is that you want to do without stressing out on a limited time enjoying a scenery or two. Chartering a yacht will give you the freedom to do things as you please without being disturbed by anyone. Liberty and flexibility at its finest.  過著嚴格遵守規則的生活是一種普通的日常生活。我們有時會從工作中抽出一段時間去旅行,但發現我們仍然堅持旅行社制定的行程,並按照分配給旅行團的有限時間。如果你真的在尋找一個不僅可以為疲憊的身體充氣的呼吸器,那麼為什麼不期待一個假期,在那裡你可以完全控制你想要做的事情而不會在有限的時間內欣賞風景或二。租一艘遊艇將讓您自由地隨心所欲地做事,而不會受到任何人的干擾。自由和靈活性最好。

Culinary delights  美食佳餚

Considered as a major part of any holiday, trying out an authentic cuisine you have been longing to taste will surely add up spice to your vacation. If you want a taste and culture of your destination, experience it through food. You do not have to wait for a long queue or make an early reservation; just inform your onboard chef with the meals you want to enjoy. For holidaymakers with food allergy, the best part of having a private chef is, you only tell the chef once about the allergy and ingredients to avoid. Voila! Enjoy your meal plus the priceless view any time you wish to.   被認為是任何假期的主要部分,嘗試一直渴望品嚐的地道美食肯定會為您的假期添加香料。如果您想要了解目的地的品味和文化,可以通過食物體驗。您不必等待長隊或提前預訂;只需告知您的船上廚師您想要享用的美食。對於有食物過敏的度假者,擁有私人廚師的最佳部分是,您只需告訴廚師一次過敏和避免的成分。瞧!隨時享用您的美食和無價的美景。

Body and mind    身心

One reason why people go on holiday is to recharge. Giving your mind the peace and body the restful time off from your everyday life helps in clearing your mind from the clouds of worries and replenishes your energy. The holistic spa servicesyou get onboard a luxury yacht will surely give you vibrance and a positive life perspective. Experience this peace and quiet escape in the unspoilt island tropics of Asia and keep your eyes open in the beautiful and raw island life.  人們去度假的一個原因是充電。讓您的心靈平靜和身體,讓您從日常生活中度過寧靜的時光,這有助於清除您的思緒,避免憂慮,並補充您的精力。整體水療服務,您乘坐豪華遊艇肯定會給您帶來活力和積極的生活觀。在未受破壞的亞洲熱帶島嶼體驗這種寧靜安靜的度假,在美麗而原始的島嶼生活中睜大眼睛。

Watersports   水上活動

Jetski, speedboat, water ski, kayak, snorkeling, diving, stand-up paddleboard, wakeboard are few of the myriad of watersports you can do and enjoy onboard, and all yours. Luxury private yachts include these watersport activities in your sea escape. You still have the privilege to do watersports while sailing and explore hidden hideaways you can reach with smaller sea craft.     Jetski,快艇,滑水,皮划艇,浮潛,潛水,站立式槳板,滑水板是您可以在船上享受的無數水上運動中的一小部分,以及您的所有水上運動。豪華私人遊艇包括您在海上逃生中的這些水上運動。您仍然有幸在航行時進行水上運動,探索您可以通過較小的海上航行到達的隱藏隱藏處。

Entertainment    娛樂

Are you in for some movie nights, a round of card game, compete in a video game, play pool or foosball, or just have fun playing board games? Many yacht charters feature flat screen TV in the main saloon or in the individual stateroom. The finest luxury yachts even have cinema rooms onboard. Some private sailing yacht has an entertainment room with video games, pool table, or foosball. Endless activities will entertain you while you create happy travel memories with family or friends.  您是否參加了一些電影之夜,一輪紙牌遊戲,參與視頻遊戲,玩游泳池或桌上足球,或者只是玩棋盤遊戲?許多遊艇租賃服務在主沙龍或單獨的客艙內配有平面電視。最好的豪華遊艇甚至還有船上的電影室。部分私人帆船遊艇設有帶視頻遊戲,台球桌或桌上足球的娛樂室。當您與家人或朋友一起創造愉快的旅行記憶時,無盡的活動將為您帶來歡樂。

Underwater   海底世界

Many charter yachts carry a complement of snorkeling and diving equipment for the ultimate underwater experience. Don’t miss that beautiful coral reef, swim with a school of fish, or explore the deeper end of the ocean. Relax with a beautiful and colorful under the sea adventure in a less crowded island. Enjoy a jet set lifestyle with utmost privacy.


Explore   探索

Discover remote and untouched location in luxury style, comfort, and beyond the parameters of conventional cruising grounds. Whether you want the best spot for fishing, swim with the largest sea creatures, experience the wildlife in their natural habitats, or encounter the natural world with its raw beauty, a charter luxury yacht will take care of these for you. All you have to do is choose which exploration would go first.


Room with changing views 不同景觀的客房

We all have stayed in a hotel or in a resort where we marvel at the beauty of the horizon at the same spot. In a yacht charter, you’ll enjoy the changing, priceless views from sun up to sun down. Wake up to a different location every day and be astonished by the beauty of nature. 我們都住在酒店或度假村,我們在同一地點驚嘆於地平線的美麗。在遊艇租賃中,您將享受從太陽到太陽下降的變化,無價的景色。每天醒來到不同的地方,並被大自然的美麗所震驚。

Privacy    隱私