<< Good News -- Bali將制裁賣狗肉的業者 >>

Good News -- Bali將制裁賣狗肉的業者

<< Badung Cultural Board prepares sanctions for anyone selling dog meat >> from Seminyak news


巴東文化委員會負責人Anom Bhasma表示,該規則的實施是Kerobokan習慣村的積極行為。他還表示,他的一方已將該規則社會化為巴東區的幾個村莊。


他還說,每個Badung村都應該傳播規則,以便居民了解並遵守規則。 “如果他們把它放在他們的法律中,規則的立場會更強,因為如果他們違反規則就會受到製裁,”他補充說。他解釋說,如果村莊制裁法律,該規則也將適用於移民。

Badung District Cultural Board has stated that they will support Kerobokan Village’s decision to ask their residents to avoid either selling or consuming dog meat. They have also asked every village in the Badung District to follow the plan.

The Head of Badung Cultural Board, Anom Bhasma, said that the application of the rule was a positive act from Kerobokan Customary Village. He also said that his side has socialized the rule to several villages in the Badung District.

“We support the decision. We socialized the rule about dog meat before they applied it. Plus, there is a rule already made by the Bali provincial government that bans dog meat,” he said to tribunnews.com on Saturday.

He also said that every Badung village should spread the rule so their residents would know about it and conform to it. “If they put it in their laws, the position of the rule will be stronger because there will be a sanction if they violate the rule,” he added. He explained that the rule will also apply to immigrants if the villages sanction the laws.