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Governor to Close Bali’s Trans Sabargita Bus System. Promises Bus System in Bali’s Future.

作為巴厘島前州長Mangku Pastika的創意和巴厘島交通系統的一部分近十年,州長Wayan Koster宣布他將很快取消公共交通系統。



總統科斯特宣布他正在等待PT Kereta Api Indonesia參與為巴厘島建造電力鐵路。總督承諾,計劃中的鐵路將採用特殊設計,與現在在鄰近的爪哇使用的鐵路系統明顯不同。



Radar Bali reports that the Trans Sarbargita Mass Transit Bus System serving most or South Bali days may be numbered.

The brainchild of Bali’s former Governor Made Mangku Pastika and a part of Bali’s transportation system for almost a decade, Governor Wayan Koster has announced that he will soon eliminate the mass-transit system.

The bus system has failed to achieve projected loads and consistently lost money since its inception, despite generous subsidies from the State budget.

The Governor said the entire Sarbargita Bus System would be abandoned except for the route to Jimbaran and Udayana University.

Signally a change ahead, Governor Koster announced he is awaiting the participation of PT Kereta Api Indonesia to build an electric railway for the Island of Bali. The Governor promised that the planned railway will have a special design, markedly different from the rail systems now in use in neighboring Java.

The Governor blamed the lack of popularity for the Sarbagita Bus System on the Balinese desire to proudly own their own mode of transportation.

It is not clear on what date the Sarbagita Bus System will formally cease to operate.