<< Barbies Wearing Indonesia Batik Inspired from by Iwan Tirta Collection >>

穿著印尼Batik服裝的芭比, 好可愛!

<< Mattel Launches Indonesia Barbies Wearing Batik Inspired from by Iwan Tirta Collection >>

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Barbie, the iconic doll collected and admired by young girls since 1959, continues to be made by Mattel, Incorporated from a large Indonesian production facility. Over the past century, Mattelhas sold over one billion dolls over the past century as they reshaped and modified the original Barbie to accommodate changing taste and trends.

To mark “National Batik Day” on October 2, 2018, Mattel launched its latest “Barbie Batik Kirana” wearing batik outfits inspired by the late Iwan Tirta.

The CEO of Iwan Tirta Private Collection, Widharmika Agung, attending the launching of the Barbie Batik Kirana told the State News Agency Antara, “Iwan Tirta Private Collection” is happy to collaborate with Barbie in order to enhance understanding of Batik and instill a regard for Batik among the younger generation.

The Indonesian Barbie Batik Kirana comes in two models: A Kawang Manis and a Sawunggaling Latar Kopi Pecah rendition. The Kawang Manis motif is meant to inspire wisdom, humility and to always remind doll owners of their heritage roots. Meanwhile, the Sawunggaling Latar Kopi Pecah motif expresses the wish that a leader will always act in a just way and maintain balance in one’s actions as a person with a strong and good heart.

The “Kawung Manis” model comes with two sets of clothing. One has a white sleeveless top and a “kawung manis” skirt with an open slit at the front.  Another outfit includes a necklace, bag, and shoes. The Barbie Batik Kirana “Sawunggaling Latar Kopi Pecah” model comprises a black gown with an “A” structure in a batik cloth. This model also comes with earrings, a necklance, and shoes.

Mattel produces annually an estimated US$150 million in Barbie dolls in Indonesia for international export.