<< Dress and Talk Like a Balinese >>


<< Dress and Talk Like a Balinese >>

Balinese Government Passes Laws Making Balinese Dress and Language Compulsory at Particular Times and Circumstances


Bali都了解 保留及發揚文化傳統的重要, 可提供台灣政客s的反省及參考~~


轉載來自Beritabali.com reports that the Provincial Government of Bali has mandated that Balinese dress and Balinese language be made de riguer in Government offices on every Thursday beginning October 11, 2018; every full moon; every new moon (Hari Tilem); every anniversary of the Province’s founding; and every anniversary of a Balinese regency or municipality.

The language and dress requirements were announced on Tuesday, October 2, 2018, via Gubernatorial decree No. 79 of 2018 on the use of Balinese dress and Gubernatorial decree No. 80 of 2018 about the preservation and protection of Balinese language, writing and literature  issued by Governor Wayan Koster.

In the future, the mandatory use of Balinese will, however, be exempted at government flag raising ceremonies; activities that are both national and international in nature;  activities that include agencies from Jakarta; activities that include several provinces; and activities with elements participating from outside Bali.

The Governor also said that going forward a “Balinese Language Month” will be established in the Province.

The meeting that was attended by the Deputy Governor, the Regents and Mayors from across Bali, and the Hindu High Council (PHDI Bali) also agreed to go ahead with plans to use Balinese script in all areas across Bali starting on Octorber 5, 2018. The decree states that the names of Government offices and public facilities will be displayed in Balinese script above the same name in latin script.

Also included in the places for Balinese script signage is Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport, the Governor’s office, the Bali House of Representatives (DPRD-Bali),Government Hospitals, monuments, and main roadways.