<< AYANA Komodo Lako Di'a Luxury Boat Cruise 促銷 til 31/Aug/2020 >>


<< AYANA Komodo Lako Di’a Luxury Cruise 促銷 til 31/Aug/2020 >>


AYANA Lako Di’a Komodo船 促銷  from 01/Mar/2020-31/Aug/2020



Children aboard-

During the trip, children remain the total responsibility of their parents. Parents are required to ensure that the children respect all safty procedures and do not disturb the peace and quiet of the other passengers, or the effective management of the cruise. No babysitting services are offered on board. Children under 4yo will be granted free admission.

房費 含 daily meal on board(bfast/lunch/afternoon tea/dinner) inclusive of unlimited soft drink and local beer

Benefit請參考 右側連結  PROGRAM_INCLUSION_AYANA_Lako_di_a_19.02.20-31.08.20


嚴格取消期限 – 

入住前 61天內取消 50%罰金

入住前 31天內取消   100%罰金


有興趣可電洽Casa Chen, 0932-043931, mail to casachen@neverneverlandinbali.com



PS: 需簽約活動生死狀,請注意   Disclaimer_Letter_-_Chinese_Version.pdf


Ayana Komodo 所有活動船簡介 可連結右側 Presentation_BOAT_ENG_10Oct_19


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