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A Peaceful Mind Gives Life to the Body

TERRA的承諾是基於與大自然的緊密聯繫,致力於關懷身心。 Spa中心的服務包括按摩,去角質,臉部和指甲護理以及包括針灸,Reiki靈氣療法和直觀指導在內的整體療法。


The art and science of earth essence and local lifestyle:

在TERRA,將本地採購作為優先事項。 通過購買手工藝品混合產品並幫助您重新融入自然生活節奏來維持較小的碳足跡並支持當地社區的方式。


Signature Services

精心挑選訓練有素,技術精湛的治療師提供超凡的體驗。 每位治療師都接受了廣泛的培訓,專業團隊始終如一提供同樣優質的服務。 TERRA是一個盡職盡責的Spa中心,始終與人力資源保持一致。


Natural therapy



Welcome to Terra Spa & Wellness

放下煩惱,進入一個和平的庇護所。 倡導整體,健康和可持續生活方式的TERRA Spa&Wellness確保從招牌Spa療程中脫身而出,恢復活力。





Balinese – 60mins / 90mins

A traditional favouriteutilising skin rolling techniquesand repeated kneading strokes to stimulate circulation, induce sleep and relaxation.

Signature – 60mins / 90mins

An invigorating full body massage designed to leave you full of vitality. Commencing with dry body brushing on the back to clear stagnant energy and stimulate your body’s own healing processes.

Foot Reflexology & Meridian Massage – 60mins / 90mins

A targeted alternative healing treatment that addresses the entire body through gentle massage and acupressure on the feet, upper leg and calf muscles.

Deep Tissue – 60mins / 90mins 

A deep massage that addresses areas of the body with the most deeply held tension and limited mobility.

Thai – 60mins / 90mins 

Combining dynamic yoga-like stretches, gentle rocking and rhythmic compression, Thai massage takes place on a futon mattress on the floor with loose fitting clothes on. No oil is used for this treatment.

Energy Healing – 60mins / 90mins

Specialist practitioners and gifted healers with decades of experience in treating health conditions and restoring personal wellbeing take residence at Terra. Enquire at the spa desk for further details.



Signature Facial – 75 mins

Our signature facial addresses all skin types. The heart and soul of our signature facial is the tension-relieving tendon facial massage which stimulates key facial muscles resulting in facial tone and firmness and giving skin a more vibrant and youthful appearance.

Eye fatigue relief – 30 mins

The eyes are the most expressive part of our face. This treatment focusing on the eye areas to combat tiredness caused by poor blood circulation and excessive exposure to digital screens.

Face Tendon Massage – 45 mins

This treatment provides a mini “facelift”, working on specific tendon point on the face jaw and neck areas, providing a natural solution for firming the facial tissue and reducing puffiness around the eyes and chin. This is a quick results-driven face massage and the face is simply cleansed and toned with no application of masks.


Traditional Lulur Scrub – 90 mins

“Lulur” in Javanese means “coating the skin” It is an ancient beauty ritual utilizing a rice powder-based scrub that is hand blended with ginger, pale turmeric, cinnamon and yoghurt to further enhance the renewal of skin cells. This treatment concludes with your choice of either a floral bath or a rain shower and an application of body lotion.

Body Scrub – 90 mins

Our skin detoxifying treatments utilise various scrubs and essences to suit your needs. Treat yourself in our purpose-built Terra Scrub Rooms and combine your choice of scrub with a full body massage for best results.

  • Sea Salt & Oil Scrub – mildly abrasive and very effective for removal of dead skin cells.
  • Coconut Scrub – deeply moisturizing and nourishing.
  • Coffee Scrub – improves circulation and texture of skin


50 mins

  • Essential Manicure.
  • Essential Pedicure.
  • Gel Colour removal.


Terra Experiences  – 90 mins / 120 mins

Our mind expresses itself though our body. If you give yourself time away to quiet the mind, your body and soul will respond in ways immeasurable. Ease in to Terra’s tranquil spaces and book time with your favourite therapist and be taken on a journey of unwinding and rebalancing.

  • SHANTI – Balinese massage + facial + foot meridian massage.
  • SHAKTI – Deep tissue massage + body scrub.
  • SAPNA – Signature massage + hot stones.

Eternity Couple’s Package – 90 mins

Specially customised for couples in the comfort of our premium treatment room, combining a massage, scrub and bath.



Spa Reservation 溫泉預定


Medical Questions醫學問題


Couples’ Treatment Room 夫妻治療室


Terra Spa Suggestions Terra Spa建議


Age Requirements 年齡要求

TERRA Spa的最低年齡要求為滿16歲。16歲以下的兒童必須有成人陪同,尤其是在指定的安靜區域內。

Spa Therapists  溫泉理療師

請注意,TERRA Spa可能有男性和女性Spa治療師。

Cancellation  消除


What To Bring 需要帶些什麼


Terra Etiquette 禮儀

尊重其他客人的安寧以及隱私。Spa中心內的手機/平板電腦必須保持靜音。在Spa護理之前或之後或使用Terra Spa的設施時,不建議飲用酒精。


Add : Jalan Drupadi No 20xx, Seminyak BALI

營業時間 : 09:00-21:00

Tel : 0361-736628




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