<< Pasar Badung巴東市場24/Feb/2019已Soft Opening >>

歷經火災後的重建,全新的Pasar Badung(巴東市場)終於在2019年2月24日Soft Opening....

<< Pasar Badung巴東市場24/Feb/2019已Soft Opening >> news from Bali Discovery


,衛生和現代便利設施,為每天在這裡購物的數千人提供服務。 Pasar Badung市場還擁
有殘障人士設計的設計,自動扶梯,兒童遊樂區以及毗鄰的公共河道-Taman Kumbasari 
Tukad Badung。


Pasar Badung擁有1,450個桌面交易區和290個封閉式售貨亭,以容納交易商在2016年2月



Three Years After Being Destroyed by Fire, Bali’s Pasar Bandung Re-Opens for Business.

The construction work on Bali’s new Pasar Badung Market is now completed resulting in what is now the largest public market in Bali located it the heart of its capital city, Denpasar. The modern market place marked its “soft opening” on Sunday, February 24, 2019.

As reported by NusaBali, the new market is designed to retain the charm of a Balinese traditional market intermixed with up-to-date standards of presentation, hygiene, and modern conveniences for the thousands who will shop here each day. The Pasar Badung also features a design that is handicapped accessible, operates escalators, presents a play area for children, and boats an adjoining public river walk – Taman Kumbasari Tukad Badung.

The market opens in the year that Denpasar celebrates its 231st anniversary.

Pasar Badung has 1,450 table top trading areas and 290 enclosed kiosks to accommodate traders to accommodate the 1,698 traders displaced with the original market’s closure after a massive fire destroyed the original market on February 29, 2016.

The market is open each day at 4:00 am and will soon have an automated parking area.


在巴釐島首都登巴薩的pasar badung (badung中央市場)的建設正式進入第二階段. 四層市場的第三層即將完成, 因為350個水泥櫃台現已安裝, 一旦新市場開啟, 以取代在二月下旬被火摧毀的”老” pasar萬隆. 2016.

Nusabali報告說, 除了安裝安裝工作, 管道和電纜電纜已經完成, 該大樓的完工將是巴釐島最大的中央市場.

登巴薩公共工作和分區部門(pupr)已授權pt nindya karya完成項目.

最近幾周, 新中央市場的工作在某種程度上減緩了在爪哇和巴釐島之間的渡船之間的跨島運動的中斷.

Pasar萬隆建設第二階段由pt nindya karya以rp的成本進行. 61.8億, 包括安裝5個電梯和10個自動扶梯.

The construction of the Pasar Badung (Badung Central Market) in Bali’s capital city of Denpasar has officially entered Stage II. The third-floor of the four-floor market is nearing completion as 350 cement counters have now been installed that will serve as kiosk counters once the new market opens to replace the “old” Pasar Bandung that was destroyed by fire in late February 2016.

NusaBali reports that in addition to counter installation work, plumbing, and electrical cabling has been completed on the building that when completed will be Bali’s largest central market. The 4-story market is scheduled for completion on December 20, 2018.

The Denpasar Public Work and Zoning Department (PUPR) has authorized PT Nindya Karya to complete the project.

In recent weeks, work on the new central market has been slowed to some degree by large waves that are interrupting inter-island movement of constructionmaterials on ferries between Java and Bali.

Phase II of the construction of Pasar Bandung is being performed by PT Nindya Karya at a cost of Rp. 61.8 billion and includes the installation of 5 lifts and 10 escalators.