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Grand Hyatt Bali的Kriya(意為“儀式”)Spa中心是古老養生傳統的豪華體現。Kriya Spa的產品以極樂,和諧,純淨,能量的禮節為基礎,並且專為放鬆及排毒而設計。

<< Kriya Spa@Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua >>

Grand Hyatt Bali的Kriya(意為“儀式”)Spa中心的靈感來自古老的峇里島水上宮殿的宏偉建築,是古老養生傳統的豪華體現。

Kriya Spa的產品以極樂,和諧,純淨,能量的禮節為基礎,並且專為放鬆及排毒而設計。


feel –  增強睡眠和抵禦壓力的療法。

fuel – 激活排毒和輔助恢復的療法。

function – 增強內在活力和免疫力的療法。

Kriya spa vital life sequences



wellness therapies to “feel”


tranquility sirodhara – 60 minutes

lulling the entire body into a state of calmness, this ayurvedic massage along with warm oil scalp therapy, gently tranquilizes the mind and body

royal java lulur – 60 minutes

this traditional pre-nuptial body scrub with cooling vetiver and beautifying turmeric harvested from the hills of java, will leave your skin glowing and spirits soothed

acupressure facial – 60 minutes

used to heal illness, prevent disease and improve wellbeing, acupressure points on the face are gently stimulated to trigger the body’s own natural healing response


wellness therapies to “fuel”


Ocean recovery deep tissue massage – 60 minutes

inspired by the traditional Balinese healing culture, deep-seated tensions and chronic pains are dissolved by powerful palm and finger pressure massage techniques

4 hands synchronized massage – 60 minutes

this synchronized massage treatment is a combination of energy point stimulation and gentle friction strokes designed to stimulate the natural cleansing processes in the body

warm stone detox therapy – 60 minutes

smooth, heated volcanic stones are applied to the body in a pattern that restores the muscles and stimulates circulation, leading to enriched vitality

Balinese seaweed body wrap – 60 minutes

the skin is transformed as the therapeutic properties of herbs and seaweed clay intersperse with infra-red heat technology, to deliver instant results and long-term health benefits


wellness therapies to “function”


fatigue fighter massage – 60 minutes

a deep form of muscle tissue manipulation with finger kneading and palm compression techniques, dissolve muscle tension and enhance muscle tone, improving flexibility

ginger hot compress body therapy – 60 minutes

warm herbal poultices of ginger & cinnamon are massaged on 12 energy meridians along the deeper tissues, to wake up a sluggish immune system and stimulate circulation

crushed pearls & sea salt body polish – 60 minutes

fine pearl powder and mineral-rich sea salt absorb impurities and slough away skin pollutants while protecting and refining with local herbal essences

bio active pearl facial – 60 minutes

marine pearl oil and seaweed mask stimulate collagen formation to firm and tighten, while powerful antioxidants derived from seaweeds delay signs of ageing

How to spa

pre-arrival information

請在預約時間之前15分鐘到達,以準備Spa體驗。預約在預定的時間開始。 對於遲到的客人,療程時間將縮短,並且準時結束。

personal consultation

在體驗之前,請與Spa禮賓部享受個性化諮詢,以確定最佳的治療方案。 如果有任何疑慮,對於過敏,營養不良或殘疾,尤其是在患有高血壓或懷孕的情況下,此時某些服務可能不適合。

spa attire and policy

Kriya spa提供舒適的長袍和拖鞋。 但Kriya spa對任何丟失或放錯的物品概不負責。
從抵達的那一刻起,到離開的那一刻,Kriya spa努力提供最放鬆和舒緩的Spa體驗。 請不要使用手機。Kriya spa是無菸環境。



age limitation

Kriya spa是成人設施,可供16歲以上的男性和女性使用。


營業時間 :  09:00-18:00