<< Oberoi Lombok 16/Jun/2019重新整理開放,全新價位至31/Mar/2021 >>


<< Oberoi Lombok 16/Jun/2019重新整理開放,全新價位至31/Mar/2021 >>

Oberoi Lombok因為Lombok大地震,停止營業,重新整修, 已於15/Jun/2019重新開放營業

大家若已住遍了Bali的新飯店,建議可往Lombok, Lombok的Beachfront Hotel有個特點就是建物離Beach特近,非常適合不太常外出,純享受飯店設施的住客;

Oberoi Lombok 全新價位已出至31/Mar/2021,有興趣者 可洽casa chen 0932-043913, mail to casachen@neverneverlandinbali.com



Warm greetings from The Oberoi, Lombok!

I know you have all been awaiting news regarding the reopening of  The Oberoi, Lombok.

I am pleased to inform you that restoration work at The Oberoi, Lombok is currently underway and we will reopen to welcome guests from 15th June, 2019.

My team and I deeply appreciate your support over these past few months and we look forward to welcoming our mutual guests to this beautiful island of Lombok and to The Oberoi.


Peter Pan