<< A SUNDAY FAMILY Brunchcation@The Apurva Kempinski Nusa Dua - 早午餐 12:00-15:30 >>

Sunday Family Brunch at The Apurva Kempinski Nusa Dua from 12:00-15:30/Every Sunday 早午餐

<< A SUNDAY FAMILY Brunchcation at The Apurva Kempinski Nusa Dua – 早午餐12:00-15:30  >>


on the final day of the week with various activities. Highlight features an eclectic spread of flavours from around the world, with the finest signature selection from the resort’s aquarium restaurant, Koral Restaurant, and the Japanese restaurant, Izakaya by OKU.

在一周的最後一天試試不同的活動。 最新的Kempinski週日早午餐精選了來自世界各地的各種風味,來自度假村裡的水族館餐廳Koral Restaurant和OKU的日式餐廳Izakaya的精選招牌。

Ever since its recent relaunch, the resort’s Brunchcation has been attracting families with its elevated concept. Served from 12:00 noon to 15:30 at Pala Restaurant, the expansive buffet is highlighted by flavours from around the world, with sumptuous selections from the resort’s star restaurants – Koral Restaurant and the Japanese restaurant, Izakaya by OKU. Diners can expect a wide selection of live stations, with a special selection of cheese and delicatessen from the resort’s talented head baker, along with an exotic seafood bar, a live grill station and an authentic Indian station, as well as fresh sashimi and sushi rolls. To end things on a sweet note, an impressive range
of desserts are offered, with both Indonesia’s traditional delicacies and international pastries that will satisfy your sweet cravings. Enhancing the Sunday affair is the live music performance, bringing a relaxed ambience to the restaurant.

自Covid-19後重新啟動以來,早午餐就開始用高尚的概念吸引家庭來一起享用。 從中午12:00到15:30在Pala餐廳供應豐富的自助餐,其中包括來自世界各地的風味,以及度假村的星級餐廳-Koral餐廳和OKU的日式餐廳Izakaya的豐富選擇。 食客可以選擇各種各樣的現場服務台,從度假村的才華橫溢的麵包師那裡精選奶酪和熟食,以及異國情調的海鮮吧,現場燒烤台和正宗的印度工作站,以及新鮮的生魚片和壽司卷 。 最後,給人留下深刻的印象提供多種甜點,包括印尼的傳統美食和國際糕點,將滿足您的甜蜜渴望。 現場音樂表演增加了周日的氣氛,為餐廳帶來了輕鬆的氛圍。

Every Sunday from 12:00-15:30