Reborn Sunset Underpass - Kuta
Reborn Sunset Underpass – Kuta

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Warmest Greetings from REBORN Healthcare Kuta Bali !

REBORN是一個家庭理念的健康治療中心,來自大自然的療愈,人們在做完日常活動後可以緩解壓力和減輕疲勞。自2008年起在推出的REBORN Healthcare正宗足部反射療法和“Tui Na推拿”療法按摩,這是 REBORN Malaysia的第21家分店,位於 Jl Sunset Simpang Siur, Block A.1, Kuta Bali。REBORN Kuta在前 REBORN主樓後面擴建了更多房間。


Special Service:


• Authentic Foot Reflexology 正宗的足部反射療法
• Authentic Therapeutic Massage (“Tui Na”, Balinese, Acupressure & Shiatsu) 正宗的治療性按摩(“推拿”、峇里式、指壓和指壓)
• Aroma Therapy Scrubbing, for lifting the death skin up  去角質
• Chief Therapist Treatment for muscles problem reason  肌肉問題原因的首席治療師治療
• Ba Guan / Cupping for trapped winds reason using cups & absorber tools 拔罐/ 使用杯子和吸收器
• Gua Sha / Scrapping for trapped winds reason using horn tools 刮痧 / 使用喇叭工具
• Aroma Ear Candling for absorbing toxins (solid, liquid & gas) 香薰耳燭吸收毒素(固體、液體和氣體)


4 Optional Treatments :

  • 120mins Tui Na Therapeutic Massage
  • 90mins Tui Na Therapeutic Massage & 30mins Aroma Scrubbing
  • 60mins Authentic Foot Reflexology & 60mins Balinese Massage
  • 90mins Authentic Foot Reflexology & 30mins Neck, Shoulder Massage


Reborn Sunset Underpass

Add : Komplek Pertokoan Dewa Ruci : Jl. Sunset Boulevard Simpang Siur A.1 – Kuta, Bali, Indonesia 

營業時間 : 10:00-22:00

Tel :  0361-767171 / 766744


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