<< Two Back-to-Back Earthquakes Strike Off Lombok’s Coast 15:07/17Mar2019 >>


<< Two Back-to-Back Earthquakes Strike Off Lombok’s Coast 15:07/17Mar2019 >> news from Bali Discover

天佑…Bali沒感覺,但聽說17/Mar/2019 Agung火山也小爆了….

第一次地震發生在下午3:07 WITA,在東龍目島東北約24公里的10公里深處測得芮氏

與地震有關的40名來自龍目島北部Tiu Kelep瀑布的國內和馬來西亞遊客因地震引發


Two earthquakes of significant strength struck  on Sunday, March 17, 2019, to Bali’s East near Sumbawa and Lombok. The first earthquake struck at 3:07 pm WITA and measured 5.8 Richter scale at a depth of 10 kilometers, some 24 kilometers northeast of East Lombok. The second earthquake hit 2 minutes later, measuring 5.2 Richter scale and struck in close proximity to the first.

In connection with the earthquakes 40 domestic and Malaysian tourists visiting the Tiu Kelep Water Fall in North Lombok were isolated by landslides triggered by the earthquake. Rescue worker immediately dispatched 4 ambulances to the waterfall’s location. Initial reports from Search and Rescue workers confirmed 5 tourists were evacuated due to injuries, 2 had died due to the landslide, and a number more suffered minor injuries.

In East Lombok authorities report property damage with the collapse of some simply-built structures connected with at least four injuries.

Property damage and injury reports may escalate as disaster mitigation officials continue to inventory and survey the effects of the earthquake.

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