<< Hong Kong Airlines Rejects Rumors, Insisting They’re ‘Here to Stay’ >>


<< Hong Kong Airlines Rejects Rumors, Insisting They’re ‘Here to Stay’ >> news from Bali Discovery










最後,聲明說:我們要感謝我們的客戶和業務合作夥伴對香港航空的持續支持和信心。 2018年對於該航空公司來說是不平凡的一年,因為我們運送了764萬乘客。我們還重視與服務提供商的良好關係,並定期與他們溝通,以解決懸而未決的問題。“


Reports in the South China Morning Post (SCMP) alleging that Hong Kong Airlines is in danger of financial collapse over the peak Chinese New Year travel period have been angrily challenged and refuted by the third largest airline headquartered in Hong Kong.

SCMP reported that The Hong Kong government was assessing the impact of a potential failure of Hong Kong Airlines and creating contingency plans.

The Transport and Housing Bureau (THB) merely said the Airline has issued a statement rebutting the rumors of financial collapse and had “nothing to supplement” the Airline’s comments.

Amid an atmosphere of rumors of financial difficulties, the Airline has secured financial backing to meet its short term obligation while vowing Hong Kong Airlines was “here to stay.”

Airline spokespersons labeled as “untrue and groundless” speculation about a possible closedown and imminent liquidation. Adding: “The Company has been and is continuing to operate as normal. We remain committed to offering our best service to customers who have chosen to support and fly with us.”

A statement given to Balidiscovery.com by the Airline on January 9, 2019 said: “Hong Kong Airlines has been and will continue to operate as normal. We deplore the untrue and groundless speculations about Hong Kong Airlines ceasing operation and reserve the right to take legal action against those who deliberately create these rumors.”

The official statement also commented: “Hong Kong Airlines has not been informed or involved in any contingency plan as reported by South China Morning post on 9 January 2019. We have no further comments to add to this issue.”

Continuing: “For the coming Chinese New Year holidays, Hong Kong Airlines is expected to operate close to 1,080 flights and fly more than 224,000 passengers between 1 and 10 February 2019, representing a 4.2% increase in the number of passengers carried over the same period last year. Our team is ready to offer the best service to customers heading home for reunion or spending quality time to travel as a family during this important Chinese New Year holiday.”

In closing, the statement said: We would like to thank our customers and business partners for their ongoing support and confidence in Hong Kong Airlines. 2018 has been an extraordinary year for the airline as we carried over 7.64 million passengers. We also value the good relationship with our service providers and communicate with them regularly to address outstanding issues.”

Finally: “As one of Hong Kong’s home carriers, Hong Kong Airlines is here to stay and remains committed to offering our customers more travel options while sustaining our long-term growth.”


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